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Its human nature, we all want to be loved and to feel loved. Love and Connection is one of the human needs. Im not going to start pretending Im a saint and I never judge, I do, I have. Im … Continue reading

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Trying not to gag

I have a sensitive stomach, but this is too much for me. We have a new member to the team at work. I don’t think he showers. I’m not kidding… Every time we walks near me he leaves a cloud … Continue reading

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Cut the shit and say NO thanks

It’s a thing I see and hear every day…. It happens in all different shapes and forms.  What triggered me to post this today was watching this guy do everything to avoid saying no.  There is a guessing game at … Continue reading

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December… Slow down! 

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! Hello 😊 I hope you’re all well.  When it was winter I couldn’t wait for the heat of summer to come on down.  I day dreamed about Christmas and putting the tree up. I … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Sleep?!

I’ve been bedridden for the last few days. Coughing up a lung and dealing with all the fun that a flu brings as well as looking after my son who has had high fevers – we have gone down this … Continue reading

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It’s not JUST a Freaking donut 

Before I get started… This is not a sponsored post. Saturday night we enjoyed dinner and a movie with some great company (my brother and my sister in law aka my little sister). The night went well and once the … Continue reading

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A letter to my seventeen year old self

Mum was cleaning out her photo cupboard last week; it has 30 years worth of mixed photos and albums. I came across a photo of myself amongst the hundreds of others, its on the night of my school formal. When … Continue reading

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