Fitness to Drive

We take driving for granted. Well most of us do.

I did, until I didn’t.

We pass the test when we are around 17 and we renew the licence and keep on going. Most of us complain about the photo and cant believe how the people that take them are like skilled to take bad photos.

Not me. I dont care if the photo is a frightening one. Just as long as I have a licence.

Each year, because of my heart and lungs, I need to renew my ability to drive by going to the Doctors and getting a NSW Fitness to Drive Medical Assessment.

The Dr goes through the form and ticks the boxes and I then get the yearly renewal lodged and pray that the next year will be the same

This year, its not

I have the form infront of me as I type this and I know that this year, its not getting renewed.

Im in heart failure waiting for new lungs and the “ability to drive box” wont be ticked

Im sad.

The form has tear puddles on it.

I dont care.

I haven’t driven since April last year and driving was independence for me. I actually enjoy driving and really liked my car too.

So, this Wednesday – a day before my 40th birthday, Im going to have my ability to drive taken away.

I’ve tried re-framing it and rewording it to feel less upset, but for now, Im going to let myself grieve this.

I look forward to the day I sit behind a steering wheel and drive somewhere because I want to.

I’ll have the music playing, the window opened and never take that experience for granted ever again.

So next time you’re in your car, remember, you GET to drive. Enjoy it.

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