Don’t say the C Word

Around the world right now – we all have 1 thing in common.

The C word. We are all dealing with the unknown of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Some countries have lost many, maybe even someone they know.

Stockpiling and hysteria is all over the news.

Some countries are watching, like me, from Australia – as the virus spreads slowly through our country. It’s like watching a glass of water with drops of food dye spreading – slowly turning the entire glass with the colour. We know it’s coming closer, and don’t know if we will experience it personally.

Its scary, its unsettling, its not fair and its effed up!It’s every emotion.

I was glued to the news daily, watching the death tolls rise, watching on my phone as I sit on my oxygen knowing full well that if I got it, I would be fuc*d. My Dr told me I would.

People calling and messaging me daily checking in to make sure I’m staying inside. Urging me to take it more seriously as I shared the funny memes and kept going – business as usual.

Then, it hit me. Fear pushed hope out of the way and put its pedal to the metal. Fear was speeding through my mind, making my thoughts scattered and my body go into panic mode. The reality that this is not a joke and the death toll is higher than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

So, the nightmares kicked in – I don’t have many nightmares.. so when I do, I know its all getting too much. I was waking up with a dry mouth and heart pounding.

Each ache and pain had me questioning if the Corona was upon me.

Off went the news, off went the C talk and I reminded myself – when have I ever listened to the Dr when they told me I was going to die? I needed to stay strong. I needed fear to sit the eff down and stay calm.

I needed to get out of my Pajamas and make a new normal.

I needed to accept the uncertainty and embrace the present moment, I am here and I am ok.

This week has been an unsettling week, but also an important week for me. Its been a week of appreciation for the things I took for granted. Simple things like toilet paper, popping into a store for a coffee. Meeting up with friends or visiting Mum and Dad. Taking my son to school to be with his friends. Going to work and having a load of work to get through.

In New South Wales, we aren’t in lock down like some other parts of the world. I have decided to work from home and stay away from shopping centers, crowds and build my immune system, I have my son logging into school from home. Reducing risk where possible.

I don’t have words of wisdom over here, I don’t have the cure, I don’t even have a quote that’s going to finish this blog post off and leave you feeling inspired and blown away.

What I do have, is a reminder.

We are all in this together.

Maybe the world needed a reminder that we all bleed the same. No one is better than anybody else. Death is death. Illness is Illness.

Stay safe friends, not sure who will see this post, but who ever you are, reading this at this very moment – be safe and remember, you are NOT alone.

Until next time, Make it a great day xo

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