Mind Full, or Mindful?

Happy Monday. 

Since my last post- I have made a conscious effort to stay present. 

With the social media apps missing from my phone, I’ve barley touched it. I’m not constantly checking my phone. Amazing how quickly we get hooked to the world inside the phone. I feel lighter without it. 

Yesterday I used some of my Sunday to catch up on clearing areas in the home that have bought me some stress lately. My office being one of those rooms. Clutter can appear so quickly if you let it. 

I realised AGAIN that I have a stationery addiction. I have enough note books for this life time and enough pens to start my own store. It’s safe to say, I need to stay clear of office works for a long, long…. very long time. 

I came across old photos of school and family events, my honeymoon and my sons first years. It was nice to relive some of those memories and I found some photos of an old friend- I messaged them to her. Man, we were so damn cute!

 I even found the photos that I disliked so much from my year 12 formal- the ones that had me with the dress that I didn’t know was “see through” with a flash until everyone deleloped their photos and told me/ showed me. That was a rough week.

 I threw them out. My husband thought I was being crazy- but I think it was a wonderful idea. It’s an event I don’t care to remember. 

Why was I hanging onto an album with photos that don’t bring happy memories? 

Question- What do you have laying around that doesn’t bring you happiness every time you see it? If you can’t throw it out, put it somewhere out of sight. 

Ok….Put your phone down, step away from the computer or tv for 20 mins and be present. 

Seriously. It’s a fantastic feeling. 

What can you hear? What can you taste? What can you smell? What can you feel? 

Nothing matter but what is happening this very minute. 

We often run on auto pilot and forget to stop and just be. 

Until next time, make it a great day x

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2 Responses to Mind Full, or Mindful?

  1. I like the play on words with your title. πŸ™‚ Great reminder to be in the now.

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