You can do it

On the weekend I watched a Reese Witherspoon movie on Netflix.

I really love her movies and have watched almost every one of them.

My hubby and son went to see the Vivid show in the City and I decided to stay home on the oxygen and rest with some Thai and lots of Netflix.

The movie was called “How do you know”

It was a great movie, in the movie she plays a character called Lisa Jorgenson. She was a softball player for Team USA.

Her life changes. Team USA doesn’t renew her contract and she doesnt get rostered.

She needs to find herself. Being on the team was all she knew.

What I loved about this movie was her fighter attitude and how she was determined to hold onto old beliefs and resist opening up and letting herself feel things – until letting go was her only option.

The universe had a plan for her and she was trying to hold onto the wrong one.

Her life changes as soon as she gives herself permission.

Have you ever resisted and then realised that letting go and going with the flow was the best way?

Have you ever thought holding onto a feeling was healthier than opening up and being vulnerable and raw?

Below is a pic of the scene when she is in her bathroom with all her quotes on the mirror and she is feeling overwhelmed by not being rostered. (I love this pic)

Which quotes do you refer to when you’re feeling down?

Which quote or manta do you say when you want to give up and need to stay strong?


Image result for reese witherspoon how do you know quotes

I would love to hear some of them. I LOVE a good quote that can help you on a hard day.

Until next time, Make it a great day x

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