Don’t judge me

“Be curious, not judgmental.”
– Walt Whitman
Its a simple quote, but an important one.
We have all had our moments when we judge someone.
I am guilty of judging others and giving my opinion on the matter thinking I know all the facts – when i don’t.
Judging not only leave you feeling gross inside, it is hurtful to the person you are judging.
Would you say it to their face if they were in front of you? Most of us would answer no to that question. Imagine they found out what you really thought about them….the fake smile you offer them wouldn’t come across as sweet.
Are you cringing at the thought?
Most of us aren’t as good at hiding our judgement as we think. Most people can sense your judgement. They will withdraw themselves from you – no one likes being judged.
Image result for if your thoughts were on your skin
People judge and snarl at the actions and thoughts of others, but who are we to say how it all goes?
If it impacts our life, then we need to speak up.
Most of us speak up behind their back – we call someone and gossip.
This isn’t helpful to anyone.
If you need to judge or gossip to have a friendship with a certain person- then that’s not a healthy relationship.
Most judging stems from jealousy. Sometimes we actually admire the person we are judging – but instead of giving them credit or taking a minute to see what we like about them, or what it is about them that we want- we smash them down to feel better about ourselves.
Most judgement stems from not understanding another persons situation and judging it instead of trying to help them or understand their situation.
Image result for dont judge you dont know what it took for that person to get out of bed
I understand people need to grow and we all change, we all become better versions of ourselves and we all act in a way we wish we didn’t.
But lets stop judging people.
Especially the ones that were there for you when no one else was.
We should look into why people do things, before immediately judging them. Be curious, not judgmental.
Image result for walk in the shoes before judging
Mother Teresa Nailed it with this quote –
Image result for mother teresa if you judge
At the end of it all – we want to love and be loved.
I choose love.
I choose peace.
Until next time – Make it a great day xx

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11 Responses to Don’t judge me

  1. Fiorella says:

    Great strong post! Love the quotes throughout. xo

  2. amommasview says:

    Beautiful, Angela, and so very true. I also think that judging comes from having that certain picture in our head about how we want a situation, a person to be. We expect. We read into it. And we judge.

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  5. mindelate says:

    The first picture is so powerful. A very thought provoking post!

  6. This is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you so much. If you’d like, please do contribute this to Forgiving Fridays this week! All you need to do is including a #ForgivingFridays and also do a ping back to my most recent Forgiving Fridays post. (Here is the link if helpful:
    I share all contributions in the Forgiving Fridays post I do next week ❤

    Again, great post – blessings to you for a wonderful week,

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