Adele in Sydney ❤

Mum called me towards the end of last year and announced that Adele was coming to Australia and she really wanted to go. I’ve attended other events with mum and I know she only comes to me with the shows that she truely wants to see with all her heart. We enjoy making memories together.

For Christmas I got mum a ticket and one for myself. I wasn’t keen on it at first- I didn’t know much about Adele and I was pretty sure I only knew “hello” and “someone like you” so I wasn’t looking forward to is as much as she was. 

Admittedly I woke up yesterday morning (the day of the show) sick as ever, there’s nothing I could have done to prevent that…. my lungs don’t always cooperate with my diary. 

I pulled my shit together and my husband insisted on driving me to the show that the media kept promoting not to drive to. This allowed me to charge my portable oxygen machine in the car as we drove and gave me more time on it. He took us to dinner and dropped us off with plans to come back for me at the end of the show. (He’s got my back)

Mum and I got a shirt as a memobilia of the show. It was mums gift to me. 

We got to our seats and eagerly waited with our hot beverage for the show to begin. 

Can I please say, I love Adele. 

I will wear my shirt with pride.

I respect her and honestly fell in love with her transparency and realness, she’s humble.

I can’t stand the kardashian bullshit that is fucking up our world and future generation, so the realness of Adele was so nice to see. She’s not another celebrity that’s all messed up from the fame.

I loved her songs, her passion, her need to swear when she’s nervous,  her time that she gave the massive crowd of 95,000 people. We got to know her, she let us love her and she sent love back.

Adele is a another strong woman, another person who can heal the world and touch the world in massive numbers with their voice and their message. 

Lastnight it hit me, we all have a story/message and we have unique talents that keeps nagging at us to do something with it- we can all serve the world and make it a better place to live. It may not be 95,000 people at once, but we all touch people’s lives and bring out the best in them, like a domino effect. 

My message today for you is to keep it real. You will find your crowd,

Until next time, make it a great day! xx

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14 Responses to Adele in Sydney ❤

  1. Barb Knowles says:

    What a powerful post! I love Adele’s music, and she seems “real” to me as well. I feel like if she were sitting with the two of us at the breakfast table she would be the same. Less make-up, though,lol. My favorite song is Rolling in the Deep. But I really like the way you made a decision and are suggesting to all of your readers to make a decision to see what is real and unique in a person. Great post 🙂

    • Thanks Barb. I appreciate your comment.
      I really enjoyed the concert. I like rolling in the deep also.
      There are many women touching lives and with their own fab club.
      We don’t need to be on tv to be a valuable contribution to our communities and the people around us.
      We just need to keep it real.
      I choose quality friends over quantity. In a world with so much fake, realness is a treat. Adele delivered.

      • Barb Knowles says:

        Amen to that! That’s something I never say, at least publicly because I think it’s used too freely by people who don’t mean it. But in this case I truly mean it. This world is better with people like you in it. ❤

      • Thats so sweet and kind of you to say. I really appreciate it! Just saw your comment and it made my day xx

  2. Sounds like a great experience, thanks for sharing and reminding us we are all are great in our own ways, even if its just making a change in your children’s lives that’s pretty amazing gift of shaping our future. Hope your lungs feel better today and your week ahead is kind to

  3. amommasview says:

    How very beautiful! Did you catch one of the messages? Also: I love the quote at the end so very much! It’s so so true…

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  5. I loved this post, especially the message to keep it real!

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