The Book of Joy

I recently started reading a book called The Book of Joy.

What a book!

Its a book of conversations between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu – the conversations are recorded and written by Douglas Abrams.


I have enjoyed every page I have read so far, out of the 300 something paged book I’ve read 80 so far and I honestly cant get enough.

The quotes are life changing, they are quotes and conversations that you will carry on with you forever and I will share some as I write about the book further down the track. At the moment I am tabbing my book like crazy and underlining valuable lines that I will refer back to once I finish the book. This is one that I will go over again.

The way the book is written, its as though I am in the room with them and hearing the way things went, being a witness to two amazingly enlightened people making history together.

If I could recommend a book – this would be it. 

I googled the Dalai Lamas daily prayer and I have attached it below.

My take so far –

If we were all focused on understanding how to be a happier version of ourselves, this world truly would be a different place.

Bettering yourself isn’t just for you, its for the people all around you.

Once they see you change to be more positive and have more joy – its contagious, they too will be focused on being a better version of themselves.



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2 Responses to The Book of Joy

  1. Ayse says:

    Sounds like a must read …thank you for sharing 😍

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