2016 recap- what I’ve learnt 

This year came with many lessons, some hurt like hell…. it was a busy year and I was focused on making it a year of growth and change. And, that. It. was.

I reconnected with activities that kept calling me- reading being one of them. I rarely made time for it but always craved it, I was a good reader earlier in my life and reading always gave me peace, growth and satisfaction. Reading allowed me to leave life for a minute and go on a journey.I finally made the time to read again and my soul thanks me for it. 

A small piece of the old me is alive again.

I learnt this year that you can be yourself and be open, keep it real and be vulnerable and people will tarnish your intentions with their own insecurities. If someone is committed to finding the bad in you… don’t bother trying to show them the good- they are determined not to see it. Walk away. 

I learnt that Peace and time to reflect/ connect with yourself is vital. Remove distractions and allow time to think. Not allowing this time is like driving with no destination in mind- if you stand for nothing, you fall for everything. If you have no goals or priorities that you created for yourself , people will have you building and achieving theirs. 

I’ve learnt that I owe nobody my time. I gave my time away freely in the past and allowed people to dictate entitlement with my time. I will spend my time as I choose. 

I’ve learnt that I love spontaneous moments that create the best memories. I love random road trips and adventures that feel as good as a holiday. I’ve learnt that life is fun when you “live it” and “love it” and don’t just exsist with a to do list of shit that didn’t really have to be done. 

I’ve learnt to go over my to do list and see what is vital and what is a task to make “someone else” happy that they didn’t ask for or really need right now. I’ve learnt to put them on the “another day” list and make time for self love and creating magic moments.

I recently had a “soul day” with someone I cherish …. it was spontaneous and random…. we ran errands but together, we stopped for coffee and lunch, we talked and talked and then talked some more….it was one of the best days of my life so far. We realised that these days are necessary. I learnt we all need soul days.

Listen to your calling. Inside of us, we all have this thing we are drawn to. Mine is helping people and helping them have the best life on their journey….I’ve been able to do it through  coaching , counselling and this blog. Find what your soul is asking you to do… you will find peace there. 

I’ve learnt the ones we love the most can hurt us the most. The words they say can cut deeper than words from any enemy. Protect your peace. Protect your heart.

I learnt that there are people that ask for help or advice just for conversation. They don’t want help or advice – they are comfortable being a victim and making excuses of why they can’t have what they claim they want. It’s an energy sucker and it’s also a massive waste of precious time.

I’ve learnt that giving back is vital. Making a difference in someone’s life by helping them when they need it the most. I often give anonymous gift vouchers to people in need, I need to know that while I’m here on this earth I’m making a difference. I’m not just exsisting and taking- I’m giving.

I’ve learnt there are people that try to find the flaws in everything. Hey, they may be reading this blog right now and pulling it apart…. life is miserable living that way. For your own peace… make it a goal to see the good. Find the gold in each situation. I work on this daily- not all days are successful, but I’m determined to become a master at finding the good in every situation. You can’t love someone if you’re too busy judging them.

Ive learnt that expectation is a perfect way to be miserable. Don’t expect people to act the way you think they should act and don’t expect people to say what you think they should say. Remove expectation. You will find peace there. 

I’ve learnt that words mean nothing… actions mean more. Someone might say kind words but then we get confused when their actions don’t match those words. Actions speak louder than words. Look at their actions.

We are a result of the 5 people we hang around- I’ve learnt to be very selective. We all want love and connection, we all want to love and be loved… don’t sell your soul for it.

I’ve learnt that the hardest thing to do is grieve the loss of someone that is still alive… letting someone go that meant so much because they are too toxic to have around. When I miss them and think of them- I send them love and thank them for the good times, but remind myself why they can’t be in my present. 

I’ve learnt that meditating is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I don’t do it often but each time I do… I feel peace, recharged and free. I need to do more of it. A guided meditation is the way to start. It helps get into it.

I’ve learnt that what I read, watch, discuss, and allow into my mind can make or break me. I stopped watching the real housewives and any “reality tv” as it’s not reality. I don’t listen to the radio much anymore… it’s filled with adds and misguided morals discussed by the hosts. I don’t purchase magazines that give girls eating disorders or convince them that a material possession bring happiness or a false “fairy tale like” picture of life. I’m done with spending money and time in areas that don’t bring me joy and that are creating a world filled with image conscious people looking for this life that isn’t real without hard work and sacrifice.

I’ve learnt that beautiful  is not on the outside. When someone is so kind and their soul radiates through them like beams of light- that’s beautiful.

I’ve learnt that parenting is one of the worlds greatest gifts and also a huge responsibility filled with endless lessons. I’ve learnt that there is no wrong or right. Some people judge and make you feel like you’re not doing a good job, it can make you doubt yourself. Some parenting days are harder than others.  I’ve also learnt that we judge parenting more harshly when we don’t have our own. I judged a lot before I had mine. I thought it was easier than it looked.

I’ve learnt that I feel at peace when I am alone. When I limit my brain input so my mind isn’t racing. I appreciate quiet and time where I rest my body. This is my recharge. This is my gift to my body.

I attended Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power within conference and I had many “aha” moments that changed my life forever. One of the things I learnt was to attend events that help you grow. Events that focus on being the best version of yourself.

I learnt that some people compete with you, you can find yourself in a race you never signed up for. Get out of their race. Competitive people are not true friends. A real friend wants to see you do well even if it exceeds them. Competitiveness is comparisson and comparison is not love.

I’ve learnt that I love researching new things. I’ve learnt to love learning and keep growing.

I’ve learnt that taking care of myself is a major priority. Example- Skin care is just as important as brushing your teeth. We often say we are too busy to make time for ourselves…. but then we hate on the people who do. We call them selfish. I’ve learnt that taking care of yourself is sensible, it’s important, it’s showing yourself love. How can we give love if we can’t even give it to ourselves? Make time for yourself. Look after your body- it’s your vehicle in this life. I find it hard to feel sorry for people who destroy their bodies and then hate on people who look after theirs. Stop hating on others and start loving yourself. I’ve learnt that I love me. I love me a lot.

I’ve learnt that we get people in our life that mean the world to us. We have this bond with them and this connection.  We love them so much and thank God every day for their exsistance. These people are your earth angels. They are there to help you on the hard days and celebrate the good days. I’ve learnt that earth Angels are a blessing. 

I’ve learnt that having less of everything is actually having more. Less possessions give you more clarity, more space, more joy. I’ve learnt that we can feel trapped in our own homes if we have things that don’t serve us anymore. We need to thank the item for the joy it bought in the past… and then give it to good will. Let it serve someone else. Free your space.

I’ve learnt that I can choose to see life whichever way I choose. I can see it as it happens “to me” or “for me”. Saying things happen “to me” makes me a victim, saying they happen “for me” makes me free and happy and a willing receiver of great things. 

I’ve learnt – Choose your words carefully and change the way you look at things. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.Our brain registers what we say as truth, it doesn’t register a joke and truth, what you say you will believe. Stop the negative talk about yourself. 

I’ve learnt to create magic moments and make memories. We write our stories. Let’s delete the chapters that don’t make us feel good and read the ones that do. Let’s go out and create more amazing chapters and make sure you’re holding the pen too.

I’ve learnt that this post is a little long, if you made it this far- thank you. 

This post might be the answer to somebody’s prayers. This post might be the answer someone was looking for or the peace that will set them free. Share it. 

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Until next time, make it a great day. 

Love Ange xxx

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