December 25th

Christmas is soon approaching and some of us will be seeing people we haven’t seen for a while or choose not to see often.

I think that alone raises the feeling of anxiety around this time of year. Knowing we don’t want to spend such a precious time of year with people that don’t want to see you.

We need to find an outfit to wear that hides the swollen stomach from all the food we want to consume – dessert gets me every time.

The food…… There will more food than we are capable of eating, but we do anyway. The generous host always accommodates with the “better more than less” philosophy.

Who do you sit next to? Do you wear heels or flats? Do you get a present for the person that you know gets you jack sh*t each year? Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags? Do you get the adults something? What the hell do I buy Dad?

What dish do you bring? Do you make a sweet or a savory dish? Do you make one at all? Maybe it’s easier to buy it. Which shops are going to be open? Do I need to pick up on the day or the day before?

What the heck will the little one wear? He can’t wear thongs even if it’s the hottest day of the year… or can he? Its family. They shouldn’t judge…

The internal dialogue sends us MAD! If you related to any of the one above, I’m sending you a hug. You’re not alone.

Right until we reach the drive way of where Christmas is held and walk in, we create so many scenarios that may happen or should happen. We make plans like “if she doesn’t say hi to me, I’m not saying hi” Ill wave instead of kissing when I walk in etc

Stop… take a deep breath… let the oxygen really feel your lungs… breath in white healing air and blow out all that grey blackish crap that’s boiling inside. It really works – try it.

Now let’s think…. Be honest with yourself as you read the next few lines?

Does it have to be a shitty Christmas? What if we walked in and gave them all nothing but love?

What if we wiped the judgmental look off our face that we think we hide so well?

What if we ignored the past for a minute and start fresh? Forget about the past. Don’t act stunned… we can clean the slate and only deal with new stuff as it happens.

What if we enjoy the food and don’t over eat or feel obligated to eat more than we know we should, a bit of everything but not too much?

What if we sat next to a few people and didn’t spend the whole day next to the same person?

What if we enjoyed the actual meaning behind Christmas?… and not the image of what commercials tell us Christmas should look like. You know movies are fake, right?

So, if you change your mind state, your attitude… do you think Christmas would suck? Or would it be nice with this new attitude?
What if we were determined to only make good memories that day?

What if we walked away from the negative person in the room and enjoyed time with the happy ones?

Let me know…. I’d love to hear your mood shift.

You can contact me here – Contact Me

I hope your Christmas is filled with love, happiness, good health and good dessert.

Until next time, Make it a great day xx


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