Don’t focus on the Grasshoppers

This morning I was driving to work listening to one of my latest favorite songs eating a banana admiring the view before me and staying focused on the cars around me on the road, ready to start a new week.

Then I looked out of my window…..

A very green grasshopper had its stick legs gripped onto my window glass and looking at me. Well, it looked like it was looking at me. Don’t assume this thing was big, it was small – but it was still a bug, so don’t judge too harshly. I’m not a bug lover.

From peacefully munching on my banana and listening to a great song, I became so focused on the grasshopper that I could barely focus. I kept looking to my side as I drove, like I was in a movie running from the bad guys.

I entered the motorway, picking up speed and no matter how fast I was going and how much wind this thing got, it didn’t let go. It wouldn’t let go. It was a fighter. I admired its persistence.

I tried tapping on my window, I tried moving the window a little up and down to make it move. Closer to work the grasshopper finally flew off/fell off. It was gone. Relief rushed over me.

I knew I could now get out of my car without worrying that it was going to get in.

I looked down at my hand where the piece of banana once was and realised that was gone. The song I was listening to had finished and I pulled up at work a little frazzled. I must have inhaled the banana because I don’t remember eating the rest of it.

This whole situation got me thinking…..

How often do we encounter a problem/hurdle or a person that causes grief and fear in our life –  We go from peacefully eating our banana and enjoying a song to becoming so focused on the problem.

We miss all the fun, all the peace, the joy – we don’t enjoy the songs or the bananas. We let the grasshoppers cause confusion and chaos.

We have heaps of grasshopper scenarios in our life.

They come in all different forms and when we least expect them.

Imagine if I ignored the grasshopper this morning and carried on with my drive enjoying the banana and song and by the time I arrived to work I would have seen that it was no longer on my window… Would I have had a better drive? I sure would have.

We let too many grasshoppers steal our fun or interrupt our goals and set out path.

Let’s be careful of how much attention and focus we give passing grasshoppers in our life.

Until next time, make it a great day x



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One Response to Don’t focus on the Grasshoppers

  1. Ritu says:

    A true thought. Have a great day 😊

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