imagesOn Sunday, I went to see Dynamo. What a fantastic show!

If you don’t know who Dynamo is… look him up. He was a kid that practiced until he became one of the best.

While in the show amazed at his talent… Max popped into my mind.

I’ve never talked about Max on here before.

I haven’t thought of Max for such a long time.

He was a friend of mine when I was very young. I was in hospital when I was younger and Max was in the bed next to me.

Max wanted to be a magician and would work away ALL day on his tricks. He had a bag filled with things for his show and wore his cape and black hat all day. He didnt want to remove it when he slept and he locked away his suitcase filled with tricks before going to sleep. He took it VERY seriously.

He performed for the nurses and for me and visitors. Anyone who would watch got to see a trick. He was hard on himself when he didnt get it right.

He Practiced just like Dynamo explained he did as a kid in his show. Could  Max be Dynamo?

One day I woke up and Max was gone, all his stuff had been moved and the space was completely empty. I asked the nurses where he had been moved and they couldn’t tell me. It was like he was kidnapped. No matter who I asked, I couldn’t get information.

Max and I had spent so much time together, we had our whole next day planned.

While I was asleep, Max passed away.

Processing that Max no longer existed… processing that he would never get to be a Magician. It was hard at the time.

I haven’t thought of Max for such a long time.

I wonder if Max got to stay alive longer if he would have made it to be Dynamo.

It reminded me yet again, don’t take today for granted or the people around you. Not everyone gets tomorrow.

Until next time, make it a great day x

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2 Responses to Max

  1. amommasview says:

    First of all I’m just slightly jealous that you got to see Dynamo (in a good way though, I’m so happy for you and I so want to see him too). And then I have to tell you what a beautiful post this is. So heartfelt and honestly really inspiring. Thanks for sharing this! I’m sure you put a smile on Max’s face…

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