Its not a want, its a must

It’s been a common topic lately in the books I’m reading, the podcasts I’m listening to and the conversations I’m having with friends and family… “self-love”

We all give ourselves to the people around us, our family, our friends, our jobs… to the point where we are empty, tired and depleted.

Our love tank / bucket needs to be filled back up before we can be capable of being the best version we can be. My tired and drained self is so much more negative than my happy self that feels loved and content.

When the topic is discussed, a lot of people admit they know they need to give themselves some “me time” and I believe they do… but why do we go back to running on empty? Why do we let ourselves get so drained that it takes a meltdown to get ourselves the time we need, the time we deserve? It takes us getting to the point where we DEMAND it and the family know we have lost the plot.

It’s because we believe we are selfish taking time out or doing something for ourselves… we believe that only selfish people go for a run and leave the washing and ironing as a less important priority… My mother and grandmother put themselves last all the time and they turned out ok, right?!

We are not our mothers and our grandmothers. The world has changed and we are taking on so many more roles now. Most of us are balancing so many hats and “ME TIME”is no longer a want, it’s a need.

I use to think that only selfish women needed “me time”, I saw it as a weakness and not being strong enough to handle life…… that was before I realised that I matter more.

I realised – I could be broken and bitter or happy and glowing.

I love me enough to give myself the love I deserve. If I don’t, who will?

Giving yourself “me time”, “self-care” time makes a HUGE difference in your attitude! It boosts energy levels and you start beaming with a light of content and happiness.

If you still think it’s a selfish move to give yourself self-love, then think about this….

Does your partner or child want to come home to someone that’s negative and looking like a victim, all down in the dumps? Or would you rather greet your partner or your kids with a bounce in your step and UP the energy in the house?

Our kids watch what we do very closely… they pick up our habits, they imitate us. Would you let them watch shows that poison their minds? Then don’t be like a horror show screaming and loosing your shit because you cant take any more.

Feed your soul NOW.



What do you love?

I could tell you that sitting with a cup of tea outside for 10 minutes in complete silence will work, but if you don’t like tea and you can’t go outside… then that’s not for you.

What makes you smile? What makes you feel happy? Only YOU know what will work as your activity.

As you do at least 10 minutes a day, you will start appreciating your “me time”, thinking of things to do will become easier as you go on. It needs to become a habit.

If you can’t get 10 minutes to YOURSELF out of 24 hours, 1440 minutes a day…. then that is something you might want to look at. What are you doing with those 1440 minutes? Keep a log if you don’t know. You will see that most time is probably wasted on social media or on the phone. Or moving slow because you’re so empty.

For my “time out”, “me time” activities I do one or two of the following – here are some tips for you.

  1. A cup of tea outside soaking up the sun
  2. Walking – slow walking
  3. Soft music and journaling – making sense of things on a fresh, clean piece of paper
  4. Yoga (YouTube has beginner’s videos)
  5. Meditation (YouTube has heaps of guided meditations)
  6. Adult Colouring In
  7. Reading
  8. Take a bath
  9. A face mask
  10. Watching TV
  11. Laying down with my eyes closed
  12. Listening to a podcast
  13. Baking a cake
  14. Watering the plants
  15. Sitting at the park in silence
  16. Feet in the sand at the beach watching the waves crash (This rarely happens, but one day It will be a daily ritual of mine)
  17. Knitting

I don’t do things that require heaps of money or massive amount of time. Just enough to STOP and reset.

Hopefully you will be walking away from this with a better understanding of how important it is to make time for yourself.

Sending you some love.

Until next time, make it a great day x





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9 Responses to Its not a want, its a must

  1. Great share! I can totally relate to learning how to take time for self without feeling guilty. It’s a process to change that kind of thinking but so worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ritu says:

    Great advice!

  3. Ayse says:

    Thank you so much for sharing … ccouldn’t have come to me at a better time… I just have to put it action..

  4. Nina Trema says:

    Good said! 🙂 And if I may add, I think that for a child watching their mother having time for herself, caring for herself, and not always self-sacrificing for the family, it’s a good lesson in self-esteem and self-love.

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