Make it, You matter too!

This morning I went to the butcher to get some meat for dinner tonight.

Im making steak and salad with some seasoned baked potatoes. I will probably fry and egg for myself and have that with a little bit of steak and salad. Im not a massive fan of steak unless its a BBQ.

As I stood there, the lady that was being served before me ordered 50 slices of veal… the butcher had to cut it fresh so I knew my turn was still a while away.

The lady being served was standing there, I thought I’d strike up a conversation…..

“What’s for dinner tonight? I asked.

I love cooking and I’m always interested to see whats for dinner tonight in someone elses home.

Hand on a second….Don’t judge me… I like food and cooking. Don’t you?

Or are you surprised that I asked a random person a question?

She looked at me a little surprised that the stranger behind her asked her a question, it was just me and her so she worked it out quickly that the question was for her.

I smiled kindly, then she answered.

She was making a heap of schnitzel. Her family like schnitzel. She hates it.

We continued chatting, she told me her three children and husband were fussy eaters and she is over it and I admitted my husband is extremely fussy with food and it can take the joy out of cooking when your making the same shit for years on end.

We then discussed how she makes three different meals some nights and she doesn’t even cook things she loves anymore.

I was her, a few years ago. I knew how she was feeling.

I stopped cooking the meals that I grew up with.  Traditional meals that made me who I am today.

After not being able to please a fussy eater, I lost my love for food and cooked just to cook. It wasn’t until I put an end to putting me last.

I asked myself…What about me?!

I matter!

I began purchasing all the ingredients that I would see as a child and I began sharing some traditional meals with my son, my husband only tries new things when he is feeling adventurous, that almost never. He likes what he likes.

When I met my husband, he told me his mum made him a salami sandwich for a straight year when he was in primary school because that is all he would eat, I thought it was cute… I now see where the problem started and I dont think its so cute anymore.

Just because I didn’t want to dirty an additional pot I ate what my husband was eating and chewed unenthusiastically at the table reminiscing the meals that sparked joy in my heart. I cooked to please him and left myself to settle for what ever was on the menu that night.

I lost a piece of myself in the process. I really did.

My son is seven and he can be a fussy eater also, but he tries new foods to see if he likes them. I ‘m trying so damn hard to break the pattern. I dont want him to be as fussy as his father. I dont want to be the mother making a salami sandwich for an entire year.

We shared our stories. We had a good old chat.

I realised as we spoke that she needed to remember that she mattered. I asked her what were some of her favorite meals as a child and she smiled as she recounted some of her dishes.

She is Italian and once she discovered that I was too we began using the proper terms for the dishes we were discussing.

She thanked me, she was grateful that we met and she made a promise that she was going to start making meals that she liked.

What have you settled with?

What part of yourself have you left behind because its easier?

I challenge you THIS WEEK to make a meal that YOU LOVE! One that you havent had for a very long time, I want you to enjoy every little bite. I want you to remind yourself, YOU MATTER TOO. 

I’d love to see some of the meals you come up with. Please tag me in your pics! @oxygen4thejourney (Instagram)

Until next time, Make it a great day x

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3 Responses to Make it, You matter too!

  1. Nicky M says:

    Love this. You definitely matter!! It can feel a chore making more than one dinner – but it’s worth it. I make separate dinners as I’m currently losing weight, every now and then I become lazy and eat what everyone else is. This says more about my state of happiness than anything. When you realise how worthy you are, you will honour you (mind, tummy and soul)! 🙂

  2. I do love too cook, but my waist doesn’t like it so much. Others in the house like what I cook, and they are not so concerned about my waist. My trouble is having to cook for others and still needing to take care of myself, especially when I don’t want to have to cook two different meals. 😉

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