Less of everything 

Less of everything has been my motto lately. 

Less tv

Less talk on the phone 

Less worry

Less trying to be perfect and have everything perfect 

Less rules

Less appointments 

Less drama

I’ve slowed right down 

With less on my plate and on my mind… I found myself. 

I found the hidden me that I tell to shut up normally. The part of me that wants to read books, the me I’ve let in the drivers seat normally shuts that idea down and demands the house work be a priority. 

I’ve been so cruel to myself. I’ve been a bully to myself. 

Do you do that to yourself? Do you put things as a priority that really aren’t and only realise when you’re so miserable you’ve hit rock bottom? 

Lately I’ve listened to the part of myself that I shut up many, many years ago. 

I’m back! I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time and I’m actually doing more! But more of what I love. 

I’m filling my love bucket up, it’s been empty for a while. It’s overflowing at the moment… I have a skip in my step. 

I have made it a goal to be PRESENT! 

Where ever I am, I am there. 

Who ever I’m with, I’m with them. 

I am focused, I’m not letting myself selfishly run away with my to do list in my head and not giving that person the attention and time that they deserve. 

That shit goes in a diary and on a to do list. I’m not relying on my brain to remember tedious stuff. I’m less everywhere. I’m more clear.

Get a diary if you don’t have one. If you do… use it. Make it a habit to look at it in the morning, midday and night. Jot all your appointments and reminders in there. 

I sip my decaf coffee and actually make time to savour the taste and really soak in the surroundings. I’m thanking the universe, my God. I’m remembering to be grateful. I’m living in the moment.

I’m free. 

Some tips I can offer – 

1. Read. Read something that will grow you as a person. A topic you’ve wanted to know more about, a book that you are thinking of right now as you read this. Finish that book. You must finish it and not add it to the other unfinished books that make you feel like shit when you look at them.

2. Use a diary and a to do list. Get all your notes out of your head and put them on paper. For your own sanity. Do it for atleast 30 days. Get a nice one that will encourage you to use it regularly. 

3. Clean up your surroundings and make room for positive energy. If you own items you don’t like and they no longer serve you… let them go. Thank them for their service to you and release them (Konmari theory)

4. Treat your body like your temple. You wouldn’t put the wrong petrol in your car… so don’t do it to your body. Clean eating gives you more energy and you feel better. Also, when you fit into clothes that you outgrew.. it feels good.

5. Find your tribe. There are people out there that are looking for someone like you. Mingle, find people that are  also doing your hobby and go out and meet them. You don’t need permission to go out and meet other people in this world.

6. What is your hobby? I have a million, but I’ve chosen to follow 2 for now. A hobby should make your heart sing, this hobby should not bring you stress. 

7. Be the best you can be. Whatever you are doing, give it 100%. Don’t half ass things. Wherever you are, be there. 

8.Find songs that motivate the crap out of you. Play them loud. (Not at midnight… you don’t want the neighbours reporting you) 

9. Laugh!!!! Laughing is the best medicine for everything. If you can’t find something funny, get on YouTube and type in funny pranks or something along those lines. There’s heaps out there. 

10.  Speak kindly to yourself. Don’t be a bully. Don’t break your own heart. 

So… that’s not everything, but they are the main ones. 

My life’s not perfect, but I chose to change how I’m looking at things.  I’m training my mind to see the good.

I hope you start feeling as free as I do right now. 

Until next time… make it a great day. xx

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10 Responses to Less of everything 

  1. amommasview says:

    Wonderful post, Angela! So very inspiring!

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  3. georgie259 says:

    What a lovely post, I’m going to be aiming to do all of these this week!

  4. vishal4u says:

    This post is quiet inspiring. Wonderful post and I will surely try some of them.

  5. fluffysteps says:

    I like your philosophy! Less is more!

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