September recap 

I’ve been missing… I realised the end of the year is moments away and my plan for 2016 was going to be untouched like previous years… I couldn’t let that happen. I refuse to let it happen. So I had to take massive action. 

I attended an Anthony Robbins UPW ( unleash the power within) for anyone that knows me well… I have the upmost respect for Anthony Robbins. I really do. He changed me life back in 2010 and again at other events I’ve attended, this years one… He changed my life yet again. He keeps my train on the right track… He awakens your soul and lights you up with clarity like no one else can. This isn’t a sponsored add… Just an insight. 

So, I have had alot of parties and events that have kept me busy. 

Always up to my head with ironing, we are a family of 3… I think I wash a lot and instead of just folding it and putting it away, I iron it first. Goal… Less ironing.

I’ve been cooking heaps, meal prepping and balancing meals. 

Then I’ve been cramming my brain with information… Like heaps and heaps of information. I’m hungry for knowledge like the Cookie Monster for cookies. 

Audio books while I’m driving, and podcasts…reading before bed and then binge watching my latest show from the amazing Shonda Rhimes, while ironing of course. 

Then there are school pick ups and drop offs that seem minutes apart… While in traffic I have my audio books going. 

It’s like one big balancing act. 

Works been HECTIC 

Like… Super hectic. I find myself chasing my tail all the time. 

I’ve made a decision to finish my counselling course once and for all, so I’m studying once a week. 

My body has begged me for a break. It has flashed warning lights for the past few months. 

But I have this quote that I try to live by…

So… I do…. Until my body that I run with an oxygen machine each day decided to say “no” and override my default answer of “yes”. 

So I’ve lost my voice and my body is weak as ever… But on a good note… My fingers have worked well to type and my eyes can sorta read. Just struggling to keep my head balanced on my shoulders… So laying flat has helped.

I made chicken soup… Being knocked out on the lounge made me realise… Chicken soup is the nicest thing you can do for someone when they are sick… It really is. 

I aways feel helpless when I hear someone is sick… But really chicken soup is the answer. Unless they are vegetarian… Then vegetable soup.

I’ve made extras and put them in the freezer, back up. 

So, that’s my September so far. Here in Sydney we are getting a very slow Intro to spring… I’m looking forward to beach weather. I’d like to read on the sand this summer… If I can’t do that… Then I may bring some sand home and sit in the back yard in a sand pit and read. I’m kidding. 

Until next time… Make it a great day x

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2 Responses to September recap 

  1. amommasview says:

    Can’t wait for summer. We had some nice warm weather down here already… but it went back to freezing… Hope you are much better!!!

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