Chit Chats, hot chocolate and Chai

This afternoon I picked my little one up from school. He was down in the dumps. Yesterday he had a disagreement with his best friend and today a kid told the teacher he did things that he didn’t. (As he tells me) 

Do you remember when you were seven? School felt like the heaviest thing ever?People making trouble and telling the teacher, who hit who and who pushed who. It was all so busy and important. 

You thought those  little people would be part of your life forever and you were too young to realise half of them won’t even go to the same high school.

I listened to his day, knowing in the back of my mind I once too thought seven year old dramas were the end of the world. 

I cancelled the afternoons agenda and took him for an afternoon treat and he chatted away about his day. 

Do you remember who the dibby dobber of the class was when you were seven?

Who was your best friend?

What did your mum do when you had a rough day? 

Special moments like today make me so grateful to be a mum. He’s my best friend. ❤️

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7 Responses to Chit Chats, hot chocolate and Chai

  1. A Kinder Way says:

    That face! ❤ So sweet. What you did today makes you a top notch mom in my opinion. I don't remember the 'dibby dobber' was, but I do remember my best friend. We talked so much that the teacher moved our desks to opposite sides of the room. Little did she know…we then just shouted back and forth. That poor teacher. 😉

  2. Handsome sweet young man! I know he is truly a joy.

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