Find the happy ones 

Today I had an event at my sons school, a man named Anthony got up to speak. Anthony began telling us about a recent event, you’re going to want to hear this. 

 He recently had to catch a plane and when he arrived at the airport, the plane was delayed due to recent fog in Sydney. The airport was bustling with people being notified that flights were delayed, some people that were due to be on his flight took the news lightly and some made a scene. Anthony decided to grab a coffee and speak to a few people around him to lighten the mood a little. He always looked for happy people and spoke to them. 

Finally an hour later they were able to board the plane and while flying they were informed that they needed to land due to some problem with another plane and they needed to get out the airspace. So they landed from Sydney to Darwin and had to wait before they could continue heading to the Phillipines. When the plane began to land, some people once again made a scene. The airline did their best to make people comfortable and happy as they dealt with things that were out of their control. Anthony decided to see it as an adventure. Meals were served and there were delicious choices offered, the airline staff handled it really well, but there were passengers that felt the need to continue expressing their unhappiness and it began affecting others around them.

The fact that they were landing in another state was something new and Anthony went along for the ride with positivity and joy. He called his relevant people when they were told they could use their phones and informed them that he would be late.

 He could hear people on their phones retelling the event in such a different way, as though he was on a completely different flight. He stood up and looked around for a few moments, some passengers were loud and negative, some were sleepy and oblivious of what was happening, some were engrossed in their book, some tapped away at their laptops and some were sleeping. 

After hours of sitting in the plane waiting for permission to fly again, the plane headed to the Phillipines and they arrived at midnight. 

He said the plane was like life, we are all on a “plane ride” and we are headed for the same ending… But his choice to live life is to see it as an adventure, as a fun life with so many opportunities and possibilities. He wanted to be present and enjoy each moment as it was happening. 

Just as there were people being negative on the plane and mistreating people around them, complaining and being loud… Those people exist all around us in our lives right now. You have the happy ones that enjoy life, and the negative ones that have a sad story for everything all around you. 

Anthony made a good point when he said- “find the people that want to enjoy life and hang around them, the negative ones have to be avoided” 

It hit me like a brick to the head, I have struggled getting over some negative people in my current life, these people are chipping away at my soul (as a wise friend of mine put it), these people I’m referring to are seeing only the ugly in the world and ignoring all the beauty. 

I asked myself….Am I a tree? Am I stuck and can’t move? No! I can move away, I can continue gathering like minded people in my adventure of life, I don’t need to let the negative ones shit all over my masterpiece. 

So Thankyou Anthony! Thankyou for reminding me that we have a choice and we can either be like the man on his flight that was determined to let everyone know how much that day had ruined his life or be like Anthony with eyes of joy seeing each obstacle as an adventure to relish and overcome. 

Until next time, make it a great day! 

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8 Responses to Find the happy ones 

  1. amommasview says:

    Fantastic! I so love this post!

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  3. Canuck Carl says:

    Thank you for sharing this story about Anthony. It is so interesting how everyone was on the same plane, but the perspective’s from the different people were poles apart.

    And such a great analogy, life is the like the plane ride, why not make an adventure out of it?

    Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. Fantastic post! It really is amazing how we can alter a situation, or the course of a day (or even of a life) by simply choosing to see the positive instead of the negative. Thank you for sharing this story. 🙂

  5. Thank you – this is beautiful. I’m learning on loving and accepting all of it and then discerning how I want to co-create my life. Very nice blog post. 🙂 Blessings.

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