Have you ever walked through your house and felt like you were surrounded with unfinished projects, piles of unsorted papers and things, an abundance of things you own? Too much of everything and home is no longer a place you enjoy?

Home is meant to be our sacred place where we can be ourselves and surrounded by an environment we love. Right?

There were a lot of things I enjoyed collecting and when I found another amazing teapot to go with the others, I would buy it immediately, as well as teacups and candles and notebooks… And the list goes on.

I admit it, I HAD a problem with buying things I didn’t need. 

I filled gaps in my life with new items. Not always big items, most of the time small and cheap… But items that made me feel good at that moment and days later I wondered what the hell I was thinking. If I wanted to feel organised I would buy a new pen and notebook to begin my new lifestyle… And there are other examples I won’t list. But it only ever added to the problem.

I felt like I was suffocating and didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know HOW to start… It always feels like I’m decluttering, but I always manage to go out and buy stuff that fills the spaces I cleared all over again. 

Feeling overwhelmed and deflated, I stumbled on a clip called “the minimilist” I watched it. I loved it. I needed more. 

Little did I know…Life would never be the same. As I watched them speak about a guy in Japan that owns 50 items… I began thinking… I must have 1,000!! I didn’t want to count my items, I knew I would be ashamed.  I realised, there is a way to change things and by this stage I really, really wanted to.

I went onto YouTube and began typing in minimilism. A whole new world opened up for me. A WHOLE NEW WORLD. 

I had to start. I had watched so many YouTube videos- I felt ready. 

I started in the bedroom, I said goodbye to shoes, bags, scarfs, jeans, jumpers, more bags, ornaments. I filled the car and the next morning, I took it all to a charity nearby. It felt so good, I felt organised, I felt free, I felt confident. 

I knew I needed to redo that all again. 

It felt AMAZING!

While I began minimalising, I made a firm rule for myself- nothing was to come INTO the house apart from food. I’ve stuck to it. To this day, I’ve stuck to it.

There’s a freedom in going shopping and Sticking firm to your decision not to spend another dollar no matter how cheap it was or how rare and how amazing it would look in your home. As tempted as I was the break it, I thought back to how good things were now with less and the decision to walk away from the item gets easier. 

A before shot of one cupboard 


Before pic of cupboard 2

After shot

My kitchen counter always had a lot of things on it…now I have my every day things on it like my kettle and my salt jar. 

And I knew I didn’t need a million knives and forks- so I took out the excess 

I realised as I was cleaning and sorting- I no longer want gifts for special occasions.

I prefer a memory. A nice lunch or coffee and cake, a movie, an experience I’ve never tried before. No more things to come in. 

After reading the Swedish proverb, I realise I’ve been stealing from myself for a long time. 

Another great lady I recently stumbled across is Marie Kondi 

She has some great tips about folding, releasing old items and only keeping items in your life that bring joy. 

I’ve listed the videos below in the order that I watched them. It was my entry to the whole process. 

The first YouTube link I watched was 

The minimalists ted talk
Japan man living a minimalistic life
Then after some more searching I discovered Jenny MustardJenny mustard

Then I found Sugar mamma

Then I watched Rachel Aust go through her kitchen 

Then I watched Bookish & belle

And then I found a bunch of videos of people speaking about the Marie Kondo approach Marie Kondo

Then Marie Kondo cleans Ginas house The cleaning of Ginas house

I watched more videos from each person I listed, Marie kondo book is on audio version on YouTube and I would like to try get through that 4 hour session.

I found listening to music without words is very peaceful and therauputic.

It’s fun taking the new decluttering and releasing process, some of my family and friends got on board with it and we are all loving it. 

Until next time, make it a great day. 

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9 Responses to Minimalism 

  1. Fiorella says:

    This is a great post, I can relate to it on so many levels! love the before and after pictures! 😊

  2. I’m right there with you, Angela – would you mind having a word with my wife about this please? 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

  3. I love it! Awesome job and you are 100% correct!

  4. Wow thank you! This is great. I find a simple way of life is so freeing — helps me to have energy for what I’m wanting to pay attention to. 🙂 Blessings, and thank you for visiting my blog!

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