Dear Mum 20th June 2016

Have I ever told you about my Mum?

Mum is a selfless woman, she is a rock to each one of us 5 children. We share our happy times with her, we share our sad times, she talks us through hurdles and celebrates our achievements.  

She babysits the grandkids, she cooks up a storm, she makes the best cakes and sweets. She is always running around helping one of us and only sometimes she fits in some time for herself. 

I love how Mum puts a positive spin to things and manages to always see the silver lining. 

She helps me when I’m sick, need to work or if I have a doctors appointment. She looks after my son, she helps my sisters and my brothers.

Mum is my rock throughout winter. Last year I was in hospital four times with bronchitis, mum helped me with my son. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have her close by, we speak atleast once a day. We recap our day and chat about everything and anything. 

Mum doesn’t ask for much, apart from peace and happiness. She doesn’t need much to feel happy. I love that about her. 

One thing Mum has ever talked about since as long as I can remember is one day going to Europe. 

She wanted to see the world. Mum has travelled, but never very far or for very long. 

She wanted to see Italy, she has always wanted to see Calabria- that’s where her Mum was from. 

She has dreamt of her trip for so long that the list got longer as the years went by. Each time someone came back from Europe, she was happy for them, but deep down it nagged at her, she wanted it to be apart of her story one day. She wanted to pack a suitcase ready for Europe.

Today, Mum has began ticking that big thing off her bucket list. Mum is on her way to Europe with Dad. 

I have a lump in my throat as I write this, I’m so happy for her and I’m already missing her so much. 

I couldn’t recap my day with Mum today, so if you don’t mind…I’m going to recap it here. 

Dear Mum, 

Today you began your journey to Europe. We have talked about it for so long, I can’t believe today was the day.

I couldn’t speak for long this morning, I was trying not to cry on the phone. I didn’t want to. It wouldn’t be right. Truth is, I’m missing you already. 

I went to work as usual. I listened to my favourite Oprah CD “What I know for sure” I tried to reassure myself that Inwas going to get through winter ok without you. 

With the rain yesterday some things were damaged at work. There are some holes in the roof in a few areas and unfortunately alot of rain got through. Thankfully the Internet and phones were working, so all is ok. Just waiting on a tradesman to come and repair it. 

I know Monday’s you pick up Anthony from school, I’d normally see you and have a coffee with you or dinner… but today I picked him up. It was nice to finish early on a Monday. 

I went to the shops after work and ran errands, did grocery shopping and then met up with Anthony my brother, your son  for a coffee and chat. I had a Chai Latte, haven’t had one in soooo long. I missed it. my son enjoyed having his uncle with him. Anthony (my brother) knows I’m missing you so he tried to spend some time with me .I felt better, less sad. I realised, I have my brothers and sisters.

You know my left ear how the hole always closes in seconds from removing the earring? Well… I re-pearced  it. My son thinks I’m awesome for not complaining. It hurt… But not enough to carry on. He kept talking about how brave I was and how he was impressed with my courage. I wonder if he will always think im as awesome as he thought I was today. 

The cold weather has bought back Anthony’s seasonal asthma, but I have it under control. 

Not much else happened today. I’ve been tracking your flight on that flight radar all. I can’t believe we live in a world where you can track a flight from your phone. I’ve check in from time to time to see how far you are and close you are to your first stop. 

I wonder how your feeling right now. I’m guessing excited. 

Can’t wait to hear from you. 

Love Ange x

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5 Responses to Dear Mum 20th June 2016

  1. amommasview says:

    How is she enjoying it? How wonderful for her to make her dream come true. I’m sure she will have a great time and she will have lots of stories to tell. It will keep her energized for a very long time 🙂

  2. Marquessa says:

    How wonderful for her! It must be an amazing feeling for her. Nice to have come across your blog! Cheers!

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