Re-union discussions with Step

I was texting an old friend yesterday, she made me laugh as we reminisced about school days. She made me LOL…literally. I was beaming like a light and smiling from ear to ear.

I received an email invitation for a reunion my high school is running in a few months. I messaged to see if she had any intention of attending.

We both have mixed feelings about it.

Both my friend and I began texting across names of people we would like to see and people we wouldn’t, we also added why to some of the names.

We have so many great memories as teenagers, Stephanie is part of me and who I am today.

We would spend most afternoons recapping the day on the phone, we would visit each other most afternoons because we lived so close. We caught the bus home together and we spent lunch times together making each other laugh or getting up to mischief.

When Steph got her car, I was one of the first passengers she had, we would  cruise. She would have me home before my parents returned from work. I smile as I type this because the memories are still so important to me.

Steph knew what she wanted to be, she decided to leave at the end of year 10 and begin her hairdressing apprenticeship. It was one of the hardest days of my life. I knew as she was telling me that my whole life had changed. Senior year was not going to be the same. We grew apart, Stephanie had a job and studies, I had weekend work and studies. She was allowed out at night, I wasnt. Steph matured faster than I did. She had more responsibilities than I did. Years went by and we bumped into each other from time to time. Each encounter was not long enough to recap life at that point and what we had been up to. We promised each other catch ups, but time flew and another year would pass. I think there are friends that you dont loose, you dont disconnect with, but life takes you both down a different path. We are living on different train tracks. 

We still cherish each other and we are only ever a stone throw away if we need one another.

Im still not sure whether or not Im going to the reunion… But one thing for sure is that Steph and I are going to have a catch up and laugh and chat like the good old days. This time, it’s going to happen.

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