Trying not to gag

I have a sensitive stomach, but this is too much for me.

We have a new member to the team at work. I don’t think he showers. I’m not kidding… Every time we walks near me he leaves a cloud of this smell that I’ve only ever smelt twice in my life…

First time- I worked as a cashier once and there was a customer that ate cat food. He came in every night with this disgusting smell stuck to the clothing he made a uniform and I gagged every time he came to my register. I couldn’t take his money and I couldn’t speak to him because the smell made my stomach come up to the throat. The smell would burn my nose hairs.

Another job I had was a similar role, the guy came in every day at 12 noon on the dot. Rain, hail or shine, Ivan would come in with his burgundy woken vest, his suit pants and his long sleeve business shirt that was his uniform. On hot days his outfit had him sweating beads of sweat and the money was often wet when he handed it over.

He purchased the same thing every day… 1 tin of tuna and a loaf of bread.

 E V E R Y   D A Y

He stunk so bad. I would always try to run to the toilet when he walked in but others soon caught on and I was stuck… I couldn’t speak, i was attempting to hold down the vommit that was racing to my throat with the strong smell of dirt and sweat and months or years of not showering. I had him place the money on the counter and when he left I would spray it and then put it in my cash drawer. You could smell him in the store for a long time after he left, I would retrace his steps and spray deoderisor to stop my gagging.

I couldn’t handle the smell. I know it sounds terrible, but I gag as I write this.

Here I am again… Another encounter with someone that doesn’t shower. 

Yesterday he walked past as I was eating lunch and i chocked on the last bit of my lunch. I kept gagging and couldn’t get a grip. The smell was so intense. 

I want to stop the pain. I want to inform him that he smells so bad. But it wouldn’t be nice… I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

How would you tell someone they stink?

Would you tell them?

Desperately looking for tips on how to address this because I’m not handling this well AT ALL.

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