Cut the shit and say NO thanks

It’s a thing I see and hear every day…. It happens in all different shapes and forms. 

What triggered me to post this today was watching this guy do everything to avoid saying no. 

There is a guessing game at my sons drama performance… It’s a jar filled to the top with gummie rings. I paid for 5 guesses which cost me $5. The money goes towards the drama school. 

Family members of the teacher hosting the performance today arrived and once all the hugs and kisses were passed on… One of the little cousins asked her 18 year old cousin if he would like to enter the guessing game. 

Instead of saying… No thanks… He began with “I’ll do it after the play”….. The little girl then informed him that it was being called before the play …. He then went with “are they gluten free??”….Ok, so maybe this is a genuine concern for him…. Or maybe he was betting on gluten being present and then he could have a reason to say no to helping the drama school…. The little girl informed him that they in fact were gluten free….

 He then held the jar doing a fake count staging his interest…. I could smell the bullshit a mile away. 

Finally he admitted he isn’t a fan of lollies and didn’t need them. Amen!!!

There could have been so much time saved and energy saved from the hopeful little sales girl…. He went around the bush with bullshit excuses and long pauses when if he was honest from the beginning… They would have taken the “no thanks” and moved on with their life. 

Do you do this? Do you avoid saying no by making an excuse? Do you avoid disappointing someone and end up looking like an idiot scrambling for excuses? 

If you do… Please stop. Be more honest… Be less afraid of people rejecting you for saying no. 

I learnt this a long time ago, and because I am aware of how gross it looks… I don’t do it anymore. 

If you too are aware of this dirty little habit in others… Let’s help others cut the bullshit and learn to say NO THANKS. 

Until next time… Make it a great day x

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2 Responses to Cut the shit and say NO thanks

  1. amommasview says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you. I guess it seems like an easy way out first. But in the end it’s nothing more than a waste of time. And being honest would be so much better anyway!

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