When does your Christmas begin?

Hello. I hope you’re all well.

The weather in Sydney has finally accepted it’s spring. T-shirts and ice blocks were a luxury over the weekend and the memories of the brutal winter cold are being forgotten.

I know it’s only October… But let’s get realistic… Christmas is around the corner and the large chain stores will be pushing it in our face as soon as Halloween passes. 

I usually start in November so I can get the spirit in the house and enjoy the hard work of the set up for that little bit longer. 

When do you start setting Christmas up in your home? 

Until next time, take care and make it a great day x


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5 Responses to When does your Christmas begin?

  1. Advent Sunday is the big day for me. This year it is on November 29th 🙂

  2. amommasview says:

    I just put it up this weekend. From now onward the kids will put an ornament on it every day (each one of them one, maybe two…) until it’s full 🙂 I love to see the tree get more and more colorful over this time and I love to see how excited the kids are every morning. How are you doing?

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