On the road to a better me

Well… I thought I saw that rainbow of recovery last week, instead it turned out that I was in hospital fighting to breathe and not coping AT ALL. I couldn’t get my son better and mum stepped in for me. 

What a freakin week! Sheesh!

Good news…. I’m home and better! My son is better! I’m Celebrating even the small things this week. #gratitude

I’m breathing again with the help of some prednisone. I’m not coughing up as much junk as I was last week and I’m looking into new lung exercises. Physiotherapy is on the cards. 

I’ve decided to reduce work …. Work less hours.

I now finish work at 2.30pm each day instead of 5.30pm. This is will give me time so much more and rest and I’ll get to pick my son up from school each afternoon.

I’m food prepping again… Making sure my lunch bag is done at night with healthy veggies and fruit to nibble on throughout the day. I do it for my son… I’ve added my lunch bag to the rank. 

I create a lot of things for myself that keep me busy… To the point where I had no time at all for anything. New attitude! Goodbye to the self created stress. 

If there is one thing I have relearnt over the last two weeks… Life’s short. We all have goals, we all have busy schedules. But what’s important to me above all is enjoying life. It took the scare from hell to remind me… I want to be here. I want to be happy. I want more memories. 

If there is one thing that you’re doing that doesn’t need to be done right now at this moment… Then don’t. If your heart isn’t in it… Drop it.

Make the time to recharge your body and mind and don’t let all your energy drain to the point where a flu becomes so much more because there is no reserve. 

Be kind to yourself. Make “you time” and enjoy it, guilt free. 

Until next time… Make it a great day. 

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3 Responses to On the road to a better me

  1. You’re a great role model to all of us! My respect!! And get well!

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