I can see the rainbow

Its been a long, Long, LONG ass week.

I’ve recorded this week as one of the hardest weeks of my life. It’s made it on the memory wall. No exaggeration.

Have you ever had a lung and heart condition, lived on oxygen full time….. Suffered Several colds and flus throughout winter and then BANG…. You’re hit with one of the worst infections where you can’t even breathe or speak because speaking reduced oxygen? You need to get to the dr but driving was the biggest achievement of the day… And you need panadol for the pain but you can’t remember if you’ve already had them. So you take more hoping you didn’t? 

The fun didn’t end there… On top of being close to appointing a funeral home… At the same time as me not having strength to lift my head off my pillow…. My six year old out of no where had piping hot fevers that can’t be controlled on panadol alone, he has one of the worse coughs ever… And he wouldn’t eat. And youre alone?

Then…. Dr mentioned my son had whooping cough as a possibility…. I mentioned it to my poor sister with my week old niece… Because I was with her days before celebrating Father’s Day… I mentioned it to any other people who needed to know that had contact with me and my son. Everyone’s in panic mode.. And I’m suffering… Caring for my son and alone.

Now… When you mention whooping cough… It’s like I was dressed as a ghost with special effects on Halloween. 

Anyone that wanted to help couldn’t not would I let them… Yet I needed help so desperately like the Kardashians need a day in he real world. 

As much as I was frustrated at the whole situation… I knew someone in the world was going through a much harder week than me. Someone would see my week as nothing. I’m grateful I was able to handle it.

Now after the week I received….When you call the dr and get the news your kid DOESNT have whooping cough…. It’s like angels from heaven are singing with a harp…. I felt all tingly and relieved inside. 

It took the sting out of the penicillin injections I’ve been getting to get some instant mojo.

Where the heck was my husband you may ask?……My husband has had to work longer hours since I was out of the picture at work and he balanced more than one role….his support was amazing through one of the hardest times. He might not know which donut I like… But he sure impressed me on this one. 

He doesn’t read my blog… So he won’t see this…. But man I’m lucky. Times like this I realise he has my back more than I can see.

The rainbow is starting to appear. 🌈🌈

I’m not out of the woods yet. I still have a kid coughing like mad and I’m giving birth to phlegm and it’s blocking my damn wind pipe. Hope you weren’t reading this over dinner. 

So… Let me compose myself and appolagise if anyone was offended by this post. I’m telling it like it is.

I’m just taking a look at what I can see from the rainbow so far and I’m in a bliss of gratefulness. 

Until next time… Make it a great day.

Pic sourced from Google images.

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