Wise Word Wednesday

I had to repost this…how true it is. Something to think about 🙂

But I Smile Anyway...

Quotes-about-kidsI read this and it touched me.

That really is the unconditional love of pets.

But it’s also the unconditional love of young children too.

I’ve lost count of the times I have probably blown a fuse at the kids, and probably been a mean-ass mum, stressed out because of home, and work, and all manner of things, yet my Lil Man still comes up to me and hugs me and says “Don’t worry mummy, you’re still the best ever!”

I know I’m not, but just to hear that is the best feeling.

I will leave you with this thought…

In my culture, we think of young children as the face of God, unspoiled, innocent, open minded… They are a clean page when they are born. They know only good… the way they turn out is our doing… What kind of introduction are you going to write on the clean…

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3 Responses to Wise Word Wednesday

  1. Ritu says:

    Thanks for the reblog! 😊

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