Does Anyone Sleep?!

I’ve been bedridden for the last few days. Coughing up a lung and dealing with all the fun that a flu brings as well as looking after my son who has had high fevers – we have gone down this magical not filled journey together.

Its given me some time to catch up on some episodes of Scandal and The Good Wife that I had recorded with hope of watching them eventually.

As I watch these shows…. they motivate me, the legal staff are so career focused, so motivated, so well presented and well spoken and educated. Heck, they don’t even need sleep.

No one gets sick, not one person on the show comes to work in a tracksuit or with a hair out place. With all the wine they consume over fancy dinners discussing clients, no one gets plastered and needs to come into work late due to a hang over. They are always so well presented, yet no one clocks off for a manicure or a visit to the hairdresser.

Scandals Olivia Pope dresses so well ( I love Olivia Pope fashion), who takes her dry cleaning in?…She doesn’t have time to eat let alone bring in her dry cleaning, I’ve never seen a cleaner or her house or ever received a call from one, she unhealthily bottles everything in and doesn’t confide to a friend or counselor. She struggles with feelings for the President and works herself to death. She is always on her phone – she always shows up to places on foot and heels… does she ever drive? At night she curls on the lounge in amazing sleepwear that looks like shes always cold….watching the news in between late night calls from work or the president as she sips red wine and nibbles on a massive bowl of popcorn that seems a little intense for one person.


images olivia-pope-2 picture-23 scandal_240 scandal-3

The Good Wife – Alicia, has a husband in jail, shes juggling a role with a law firm and has two teenage kids as well as her mother in law assisting her during all this.

Shes emotionally dealing with the fact that her husband had numerous affairs before being framed at work and facing a jail sentence. (If my husband cheated on me, the last person I would want at my house is his mother).

images (1) julianna-margulies-as-alicia-florrick-in-cbss-the-good-wife


Hey, I’m not mocking the shows, I love them. I think that they should be a little more realistic though.

As I lay on the lounge extremely ill and feeling defeated as my inbox for work keeps filling up and tasks become more time critical …..its important to remember I’m watching paid actors- it is a show.

Until next time, Make it a great day.

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2 Responses to Does Anyone Sleep?!

  1. amommasview says:

    Hope you will feel much better (both of you) soon!

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