We are Done

in my workplace there has been a build up of tension. I get pulled off my jobs to answer questions, I get emails that demand urgency that could have waited, then there are customers who come in like a deer in the headlights expecting their car troubles to disappear before they even open their mouth to give details on how I can help them. 

To put it casually… I lost it! 

Internally I had a fire work show like something you see at darling harbour at New Year’s Eve. 

I’m pretty composed and professional with the workmates around me and my partner in the workplace … But today was the end of my string and CHANGE was needed. 

I explained to the office members the new way things are going to run (being professional, rational and kind) 

Things couldn’t continue the way they were. New boundaries were given, new procedure were put into place. I want to focus when I’m on a task and not going on a magical adventure with everyone else’s todo list and left with mine at the end of the day. 

I felt fantastic after I got that off my chest. I felt a big sense of relief. 

As I ended the discussion.. The Madden Brothers song came on the radio in the background…. Done, done, done, done,…. we are are done.

I realised I could change the situation and wasn’t a hostage to the problem. I didn’t need to hate work… I needed to change what I didn’t like and what wasn’t working, and end where the tension was steaming from.

Since I demanded the change…. I have managed to get such a large amount of work processed because I’m focusing and not getting interrupted so often. As the task gets heavier, I realised I can’t multitask and be 100% present with the task at hand.

So, goodbye to the problems that felt impossible to change, we are done. 

Check out the video – We are done

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4 Responses to We are Done

  1. You are lucky you have coworkers who will allow you to do what you did. When I say I can’t do it all and need help I get told its not my job or I don’t want to do it or just plain ignored. I have gotten to the point I just don’t care anymore. I am looking for a new job. Julie.

  2. amommasview says:

    Awesome!!! So happy for you!

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