My two week Dairy free challenge 

Its no secret I’m not meant to be consuming dairy…I am forever bloated and get a lot of pain. 

Friday day was the biggest eye opening painful experience ever! My stomach was teaching me a lesson and I knew at that point… Something had to change.

There are so many allergies out there… Nuts, dairy, gluten…. I know there are heaps more. 

I’ve decided to once and for all, I’ll do the two week dairy free trial to see if it is dairy causing all the problems. I think it’s nuts causing some grief as well. But I have a love for peanut butter… I shutter to imagine life without it.

I know that allergies can cause a heap of problems and cancer is not something I want to deal with on top of all my other medical challenges. 

Hopefully my bloating will reduce and any inflammation in my sinuses and lungs will hit the road. I’ve suffered with sinus issues this winter more than ever before.

Do you have any foods that are eliminated from your diet? Or are you consuming foods that cause you pain and you continue eating them?

Now that I’m not getting calcium from dairy… I researched other ways to get my calcium.

I copied the images from google and the picture quality isn’t the best… So apologies in advance. But it gives the bulk of the info required. 

I’m no doctor, so speak with your DR if you decide to change anything or want to run tests on your own suspected allergies. 

I’m googling like mad, trying to find meal ideas. Almost every packet of food in my pantry has MILK solids in the ingredients.

I’ll be sticking to fruit, veg and soy milk, dairy free bread… And hopefully I’ll come back to you with a tonne of recipes to assist the dairy free eater. 

Any tips are GREATLY appreciated. 

Until next time, make it a great day x

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