It’s not JUST a Freaking donut 

Before I get started… This is not a sponsored post.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner and a movie with some great company (my brother and my sister in law aka my little sister). The night went well and once the movie finished I really felt like a Krispy Kreme donut…. So we all went for hot chocolate and donuts. 

My husband and I get Krispy Kremes every now and then… often enough for him to know which one I eat….since he orderes it at the drive through normally… I thought he had this.

He went to order with my brother while I sat down reserving a seat with my sister Inlaw.

Husband: which donut would you like?

Me: the same as always… The one with pink icing and coconut on top

Husband : ok

Moments later…. I see a pink donut that is Nothing like the one I usually get…..

Me: WTF?

Husband: it’s just a donut!

I won’t go through the rest of the conversation because my reaction to his ignorance and his reaction to my disgust didn’t go so smoothly…. This took place  before the eyes of the girl serving the donuts. 

Like WTF?! We have been together for so long… I know all his favourite things… He knows nothing about me. (Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little,  he knows my name. That counts right?

I took it bad… Writing this I realise I’m still taking it bad….

Is it wrong of me to expect that after 15 years of being together….. He’d make notes about what I like and what I don’t like?

It’s happened before… But the breaking point was the donut.

Am I alone on this one? 

Ok rant over…. Still a little fragile…. Yep, I may need to deal with this further off line. 

 This is what I wanted  
This is what he got me….


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11 Responses to It’s not JUST a Freaking donut 

  1. Well you have every right to be pissed as you even mentioned the coconut..😥
    Sometimes you think how self involved are you.. Hopefully he knows more than your name…😨
    Excuse for a date night….
    No work or kids topics…
    Just time rediscovering one another….
    Hope it happens. .xxx

  2. I had to laugh. I have been through the same exact situation a month ago and had posed the same equation. Didn’t you know yet? I was lightly mad at him as I know him well enough to confirm that he pays attention to my preferences, when it is in his filed of interest. Anything about my phone, camera, computer, books, etc. he will know exactly what I like.
    So, I guess we all are the same. We may do the same in area we are not well versed with.
    What do you think?

  3. amommasview says:

    That’s a massive difference…

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