Date night 

My husband and I work together… We work long hours and we see each other in a work environment all week. When we are home with our six year old, it’s normally all about our six year old. We let him chat away and try not to bring work home. 

We love our son and we are blessed to have him…. Somewhere along the way though….date nights have become so rare that I was nervous to go on one with my husband. 

I actually started worrying about what the hell we were going to speak about as I insisted that work was not to be discussed once… And all we speak about these days is work. 

I organised a hotel in the city, my husband booked a Resteraunt. My mum and dad babysat our son for the weekend and my husband and I set out for the long over due couple date night.

Yesterday I googled conversation tips for date night in fear that we would be sitting there speechless and end up turning date night into a business conference.   

I also pulled my make up out… Sadly I don’t make much of an effort these days as I’m always in my work uniform. So it was fun getting my sexy back. 

Some Date night questions…

If you had time for a hobby… What would it be? 

What’s one thing that you wish you could do?

Holiday destination dreams?

Bucket list… (This one was the highlight)

Going over how we met and remembering what we did for dates back when we were childless… (This reminded us of who we were before adulthood took over)

The conversation flowed… I didn’t need my arm long list of questions… In fact we had so much to talk about that we didn’t want the night to end. One topic flowed into another and I felt so blessed. 

I found that speaking about each other’s bucket list reconnects you, you’re both in touch with what your partners hopes and dreams are and they in turn get an update to where you are at and what you stand for. 

All my fears were pointless, I’m still married to the best friend I married so very long ago. 

Date night reminded me on how nice it is to finish a conversation with my husband without my six year old spilling a drink or complaining about his dinner etc 

We missed our son a lot, but we needed date night more than ever. 

My advice to couples long over due for date night…. Make it happen. Keep the relationship healthy and alive. 

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  1. amommasview says:

    How very beautiful

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