Building more than a bear

As a working mum, it’s often tricky balancing work, home, family and all the other stuff that comes with daily life. We can feel out of balance at times.

It’s school holidays at the moment and I wanted to do something awesome on my Friday off with my son. I wanted so much to take the entire two weeks off and be with him, but it wasn’t possible. 

 I thought long and hard about what I could do with him to make him have be most awesome day ever….. Finally it hit me. 

My little guy is an only child, he complains about being lonely and bored. He wants to be an older brother figure and look after something… Anything. We have a cat, he claims he’s scared of it and he has my damn dog phobia… So the only pet option would be a gold fish, but we are hardly ever home so little fishy will be all alone.

I wanted something he could tell his secrets to, something he could care for, something that he could take some responsibility for… And I decided to take him to “build a bear”. 

When we walked into the store, my son Anthony chose from the many types of bears… He picked the hardness of it and the heart he wanted inside of it. The staff let the kids stuff the bear by pressing a pedal with their foot.once that’s done, a helper walked around with him picking clothing options, like we were in an amazing renoun boutique. She had the patience to try so many outfits on the bear and shoes and sunglasses! 

My son chose pyjamas for his bears night outfit and jeans and a jacket for the day. 

His bear has a passport and a birth certificate which made the whole thing even more exciting for Anthony.

The day was filled with mother and son time, and all the fun I dreamt it would be while sitting at my desk at work planning it.

Anthony named his bear Anthony junior. He has incentives set for his school performance and his little bear will be rewarded with more clothing and the lounge chair and motorbike Anthony is wishing for.

Anthony has decided to pass his bear onto his future children and we aim to keep the bear in the family for years to come. 

It wasn’t just building a bear, it was so much more.

Until next time, make it a great day… And make some memories xx

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