A letter to my seventeen year old self

Mum was cleaning out her photo cupboard last week; it has 30 years worth of mixed photos and albums.

I came across a photo of myself amongst the hundreds of others, its on the night of my school formal.


When I stumbled across the photo of my seventeen year old I had a little cry. I got nostalgic because I remember how I felt when taking that picture and how I thought I looked. I look back now and realise I was way too hard on myself. I wish I could go back to my seventeen year old self and give myself the hug I needed and some insight that everything was going to turn out just fine.

I wish I could go back in time and hand over the letter below to my younger self….

Dear Angela,
Worry less about your pot belly, you’re going to look back at photos one day and realise you were so skinny.

Drink water, you don’t drink enough AT ALL and eat breakfast!

Don’t cry over your first boyfriend cheating on you, it turns out that the girl that he left you for was a little mentally unstable and he needed to seek help from the police to keep her away…..true story.

Your black formal dress DOES NOT look like Shania Twain and it is SEE THROUGH with a camera flash; everyone will have photos of you in your underwear! DONT WEAR IT! (dress in pic)

Your Nonno is going to die, turns out all the pain he is feeling is cancer, spend more time with him.

Your friends seem so important, at 30 you won’t be in contact with most of them.

Find a way to laugh and stay positive. Its so good for you. Find people that see the good in things and stay clear of the people that live in webs of self created dramas.

There is a guy called Anthony Robbins, listen to his stuff on YouTube, he is amazing! Actually…. get one of his books from the library or a CD or something! He is going to change your life. Look into quotes that keep you positive and read them each day.

Study, take school seriously, give it your BEST…. I know things are a little complicated at the moment, but you won’t get this opportunity again. You want to be a school teacher, so be a school teacher.

Do things that make you happy.

Don’t compare yourself with the other girls at school, they have different journeys.

Never dim your personality just because people get annoyed that you see the funny in everything.

I know you are desperately looking for Mr Right and your friends all find their Prince charming…be patient – turns out the guys they meet are just virginity thieves.

Stay creative, you forget along the way how much it keeps your inner candle shining bright. Keep painting; keep playing piano and keep singing even though you sound like you’re in pain.

Love your older self.

Question….. what would you say to your younger self?

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