Don’t Cluck all over me! A “not so friendly note” to the Heather’s out there

Last night I watched the Real Housewives of NYC…. the only way I can justify watching it, is by ironing at the same time… Sometimes I feel like watching it wastes time that I cant get back….. all the bitching and overuse of the word BUSY as they meet up to gossip at some fancy restaurant to eat over priced salads or to get sloshed and then create dramas while they are all under the influence of alcohol and cameras are there to capture it all.

Last night, Bethany lost her shit with Heather.

It’s been building up for weeks, Heather asks personal raw questions regarding Bethany’s marriage breakup and custody battles with her ex over their daughter., she acts nice to Bethany’s face and then bitches about her when she isn’t there, the topics she chooses to discuss with Bethany are not suitable for their friendship level… Heather just met her and she is acting like they go way back.

Finally last night the over due explosion of emotions unleashed at Dorinda’s birthday party. Real nice girls! Happy Birthday Dorinda!

Bethany described Heather as “clucking all over her”

In the past I would have thought Bethany was an ungrateful so and so, for rejecting such lovely,  caring behavior from Heather…. but I know too many Heathers and see through all the bullshit now……. I think Heather should back the F down!

I totally related to Bethany’s breakdown about Heather’s “Clucking”

Mothers from the school where I take my son attempt to mother me, they regularly check in and attempt to discuss topics about my position on the transplant list (heart and lungs required), they pity me and “cluck all over me!” to the point where I am over it.

I don’t think its for honest concern, I did at first, but I see it for what it is now…. gossip material over their lattes while I’m at work and they talk shit together with their endless free time between school drop off and school pick up in their gym clothes.

Two weeks ago I took my son to a birthday party and one of the mothers cornered me, seriously cornered me and gave me an unexpected and unwanted cuddle…..she kept insisting that I keep the mothers updated on things so they know where I’m at! WTF?! I was about to ask her if I should ask the principal for a special section in the bulletin each week to keep all these desperate gossiping women UPDATED!

I don’t want to talk about my health, its raw, it makes me sad, it makes me scared…. its not a topic I use to connect with people..I don’t even want to talk about it with family most of the time. I want to pretend it isn’t there and enjoy the time when my brain isn’t thinking about it.

I want to be a normal mum for my son and do what I can while I am here.

One mum at the school became so “Concerned” about my well being that she required counselling from the school! It got out of hand.

I’m the one walking around the school gasping for air trying to down play the breathing attack, trying to live a NORMAL life and give my son a NORMAL life! and they want me to keep them informed on my medical status!

I at one stage cared about what these morons thought, last year my son was in kindergarten, I was a new school mum, I wanted to fit in and be normal…. I allowed them to interrogate me and cluck all over me so I wouldn’t have problems with them in the future, I thought if I allowed them to know a snippet of my story that they would be happy with it and not pry into things more than they had to….. but its all a mess really.

A few months back, My son came home and told me that one of the mums asked him how he feels about me being on oxygen…. she asked him how he felt about me dying… My son is six! Which person in their right mind does that?!

So a note to all the Heather’s from all the Bethany’s, STOP CLUCKING and get a life, thanks but no thanks!

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8 Responses to Don’t Cluck all over me! A “not so friendly note” to the Heather’s out there

  1. amommasview says:

    What the heck are these women thinking???? That’s a load of selfish bullshit! Maybe you should actually consider writing an “update” for the newsletter but rather down the line of this post. Highlight how much you wish to live anorak life and that they would not ask your son stupid questions like this…

    • I agree. I’m glad I haven’t seen them in a while, so it has been a nice break from all the nonsense.

      • amommasview says:

        I can imagine… Some people just want drama. And they need to make it their drama… although they have nothing to do with it… Dislike it a lot!

      • it is sad. I dislike it alot also. But there are good people too and they drown out the bad ones xx

      • amommasview says:

        Very true. Focus on them. 😘

      • amommasview says:

        How did your son deal with this question? I’m still shocked about the fact that someone asks a child a question like that… Heartbreaking…

      • He asked me if it was true, I told him that the mother at the school doesn’t know what she’s talking about and I’m going to be just fine. I prepare him for “just incase mummy’s sick” situations and get him as independent as I can. I’ve always felt a good mother is one that has her child confident and ready for life as much as possible.
        I told him that there is no reason a mother should be speaking to him and he should be speaking to the teacher only and kids that attend the school. He knows not to speak to the mums and I told him to stare at them blankly until they gave up if they insist on speaking to him. He found this a funny instruction.

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