Where have I been?

A big hello to you all, it’s been a few weeks since I last wrote. 

What have I been up to you may ask?

Well… I was tapping into my inner artist…. Still tapping…. Tap tap tapping

I set a goal to make a bunch of quotes that get me motivated and keep me focused, all painted pretty and hanging in my office. Two down and many to go. No deadline… Before Christmas would be nice.

Then I’ve had catch up on writing some love letters… The world needs more snail mail hand written loveletters when times are tough. 

Then there has been family functions and lots of cake. Mother’s Day and birthdays… I do love cake.

Then I played with gold spray paint… It’s amazing that a can of spray can totally transform an item


 Maybe I got carried away with my brother spraying gold everywhere.

Then I’ve have been working more hours than I have in a long time and trying to balance ironing, cooking, cleaning, being an awesome mum, keeping the marriage healthy, being somewhat active at the school and keeping in touch with loved ones and getting rest so my lungs and heart don’t walk out on me.

Phew! Sheesh…. Did I mention reading… I squeeze a few minutes of that in too. 

What have you all been up to?

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6 Responses to Where have I been?

  1. Fiorella Scalzo says:

    That’s amazing love your canvas work!

  2. Fiorella Scalzo says:

    Wow love the canvas work! Looks amazing!!

  3. Barb Knowles says:

    I make my own greeting cards so I loved this post especially. And when we make something doing something we like, I think it is so special. Great blog!

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