The Longest Ride

Yesterday I went to see “The Longest Ride”… a movie that had so many special moments in it.


I normally read Nicholas Sparks novels and sit there for a long time after letting it soak in and accepting that the journey with his characters are over.

Yesterday it was much the same, I walked around the shopping centre in my own little world processing the movie and all its beauty for a while after.

If you have seen “The Notebook” or “Dear John” and loved it, then you will not be disappointed with this one.

Sparks male characters are real old fashion gentlemen. The kind that we don’t see a whole lot anymore. The type that most women dream for, but they most likely would pick last in a line up if we had to choose.

The movie had a few key lessons in it, one that stood out was With love comes compromise.

This is so true. With any relationship there is a give and a take, moments when you need to choose between the priorities you have and made for your life or reorder priorities to fit the choices that mean more to you as life goes on.

Sometimes we make a set agenda for our life, but we fail to realise at the moment that we make those plans, that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes we take another road and we meet people that change our lives, we end up in places we didn’t think we would ever be.

Watching this movie was a reminder to embrace the change, as sometimes something that looks like a bad experience or a problem can actually be attached to some of the best moments of our life.

Another part of the movie that touched me and rattled my soul was when Ruth helped a young child who was being raised by people that didn’t exactly do a great job. Ruth loved him and changed his life, as the movie goes on you find out what happened to that child and it reinforced my PAY IT FORWARD philosophy even more. Sometimes you may do something small for someone but for them it could be something huge that will change their life forever.

I can’t wait until this movie becomes available on DVD because I will be keeping this in my collection along with all the other movies that have changed my life.

Well done Nicholas Sparks and to the people that turned this into a movie.

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