World Pay It Forward Day – 30th April 2015

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I don’t know if you have heard much about Pay It Forward. I recall the first time I heard about it, I was SPARKLING! GLOWING with ideas on how to PAY IT FORWARD and getting a ripple effect starting.

The movie with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Hayley Joel Osment.

I always liked the concept of a little piece of heaven on earth, but I never knew there were others all with the same kinda inner desire to make it well known everywhere and have others jump on board.

The website for the world movement is filled with ideas and materials for schools to jump on board. I contacted my sons school principal and proposed the idea… if its not possible to do this year, it most definitely will be a go ahead next year.

Pay It Forward Day Website

There was a YouTube video I once came across, this video was amazing! I watch it to this day and still get motivated to the core with why it means so much to me and why everyone must know about it.

Life Vest – One Day  Video

Please check out the links I’ve attached and let me know what sort of things you have taken part in, in regards to Paying something forward. I would love to hear all about it.

Please pass this on and lets get World Pay It Forward Day in full operation.

Until next time, make it a good day and Pay It Forward xx

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