Not my finest moments

Sometimes we hear some news or see some one else’s behaviour and it triggers something in us that puts us into a state that may be unfavourable to who you want to be, who you are. 

I recently have had some moments over the last few weeks that I found myself constantly harping on and on about something someone did that I was hurt about and didn’t agree with. 

Was it aimed at me specifically? No. Was i affected by this persons behaviour or actions? Yes. 

Today I am leaving it to God, to the universe and after this post I don’t want to utter a single word about this persons actions again. 

For my health and for my peace – I forgive them. I forgive them for not understanding how much we want to be in their life and I forgive them for being too ignorant to see that.

If you have acted in a way you haven’t liked… Permission to start over. 

All I can say is fuck it. It is what it is. 


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5 Responses to Not my finest moments

  1. pattyalcala says:

    You can start over as many times that you need to.

  2. blkkat49 says:

    Yes, I have been guilty of this. It takes a strong person to look beyond human error and to forgive. Starting over is a privilege. Taking a deep breath and starting again is a wonderful suggestion.

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