Arianna Huffington has some wise words – What do you think?

I absolutley love it when I come across an Interview filled with wisdom and fantastic information to change your life and give you an “aha” moment as Oprah calls it.

I found an Interview with Arianna Huffington speaking with Google.

If you have approx an hour, this is a clip you want to listen to. She speaks in reference to her book Thrive a little, but there is quite a lot I got from the talk despite not reading her book as yet.

Here are some things I took from her talk.

  • Charge your smart phone or electronic devices outside of bedroom so you don’t feel tempted to check it throughout the night or first thing in the morning. (Better sleep)
  • Be present in the mornings and not attached to the emails or checking devices.
  • Giving releases a good chemical throughout the body and creates self gratification. Giving is a short cut to happiness.
  • People who believe in a creed are happier
  • Ancient wisdom always accounts for Pauses
  • We Multitask and don’t make time for Pauses. We need to stop from time to time to reflect and pause.
  • Get sleep! Having minimal sleep is not the sign of hard work – its silly because you cant think clearly on minimal sleep.
  • Emails don’t need to checked as you receive them in real time – if something is urgent or majorly important, the person will call you.

I have attached her video below – see what you take from it.

Until next time, make it a great day!

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