Gratitude journal

Over the past few weeks i made a decision to keep a gratitude diary. I had no choice really… I was becoming a nit picking little mess and instead of looking for the good in most things I was pointing out the bad and stewing on it…. For ages

I’m totally in love with my gratitude diary , I list 5 things each night that I am grateful for.

I keep the diary on my bedside table and don’t go to sleep unless I’ve completed the entry.

When you know each day that you need 5 things to put in the diary… Your brain helps out by highlighting things throughout the day… Like listening to Taylor swifts new cd loud in the car scores an entry in the diary.

Some entries I’ve listed over the past few weeks are

X a nice lunch with special people I love at the coffee club

X a movie night with my son watching hansel and Gretel eating paella followed by popcorn and chocolate.

X getting a pedicure and enjoying the leg massage and clay mask that left my skin feeling so soft

X celebrating my sons 6th birthday with the people I love

X oxygen- the help it gives me and how it keeps me feeling good

X my pillow… I really love my pillow and bed

X my mum, I don’t know what I would do without her. I get a lot of help from her when I need it and I will be forever grateful for that.

X TV…. To be able to sit and catch up with a few shows that I love with a hot cup of tea…. Love it.

X after my hospital visit, I am grateful with the health care system in Australia and the hospital service. I was looked after and given the right medication to treat my bronchitis at the time.

X reading…. I love a good book that changes my thinking.

X cousins… I have some amazing cousins that lift me when I am down

X fruitless hot cross buns! Who ever invented them… Thankyou!

X chats on the phone with family

X exchanging text messages with someone that boosts the energy in your day

X I’m alive!!

X making Sunday breakfast for my husband and son. I love sitting around the table chatting about everything and anything while enjoying a nice meal.

X salted caramel macaroons…. Yum!

X celebrating life with family – my sister has reached 1 year cancer free. Realising we are lucky to be here with each other and making more time for each other.

X CD players in cars… What a great idea! I use mine so much!

X My family…. I was blessed with so much and I treasure some of them like golden treasure in my journey. I am blessed.

I know Oprah recommends a gratitude journal, Anthony Robbins highly suggests being in a place of gratitude and after keeping this journal and exchanging notes on the effect it’s had with my sister from another mother…. I would recommend it too.

When you send out positive to the universe, the universe brings it back to you. Good things start happening and people are attracted to your positive energy like bees to honey.

I’m grateful you read my blog… Thankyou x

Until next time… Make it a good day x


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2 Responses to Gratitude journal

  1. cjm76 says:

    I’ve created a ‘happiness jar’, which is easier for me to keep than a journal. I just write down on a little piece of paper at the end of the day what has made me happy, and pop it into my happiness jar. It’s working wonders XO

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