My car is a university on wheels

While driving to work each day I have made a decision to use the car time as growing time. I love music, so yes, I still have a little music time…. but no more radio adds consuming my travel time.

I went online and purchased one of the most valuable possessions I will ever own in my life time, this audio CD has and is changing and healing me as a person. This audio CD is giving me so many ” aha” moments and I will be forever grateful.

The book is “What I know for Sure” by the one and only Oprah.

I love listening to Oprah and even though I didn’t follow her show each episode throughout her tv time, I did catch snippets from time to time and her lessons were always well timed.

I challenge you to use the time when you are alone, time when you have silence in the background and could be learning something instead. I challenge you to grow.

In the past I have visited my local library and borrowed audio books on autobiographies, stories. I find it easier to listen to it in down time than to sit with a book at the end of long day when life is moving at the pace of a treadmill on fast!

Which Audio books have you listened to that have changed you as a person, or that you have found so interesting that you have recommended to someone to listen to.

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