Wow, a birthday I will find hard to forget

I woke up this morning to a tray with a hot coffee, some yummy pastries and some flowers on my bedside table. My husband told me not to worry about coming to work until later today and and just concentrate on feeling fantastic…. so as I moved the hundreds of balloons he put into our room while I was asleep, I called the beauty spa and made an appointment.

After my relaxing head massage, facial, manicure and pedi… I decided to go into work. To my surprise – they had all arranged a cake and sang happy birthday. How sweet right?!


Ok…. erase everything you just read…. NONE of that happened! Not one bit of it. I wanted that to happen, but maybe I’ve been indulging in too many “reality” tv shows.

Lets back up a minute…. today I had to work, it wasn’t negotiable, We are training new people and there is no one to call in sick to… so I had to go.

I woke up with a full bladder, sore throat and a body that feels like its close to shutting down, is it age? or exhaustion? not sure.

I stumbled back to bed after my inconvenient toilet interruption and  managed to sneak another 10 minutes in of sleep before the alarm clock rang.

Showered and dressed, I got my son into the car, fed the cat and drove to mums.

Mum has been helping out with looking after him during the school holidays. She was happy to see me…. maybe I expected too much… but I thought she would have had a cute table of delights for a birthday breakfast, atleast a cupcake or something birthday related… I think I was expecting more than she realised, more than I realised until I saw the empty table, I was a little deflated – I really thought she had put some time into it and was eagerly awaiting my arrival to say SURPRISE!!

But that’s ok… I’m gonna let it go, after all it was pretty early in the morning and she had visitors that were due to arrive that she had to prep for.

I got to see my sisterinlaw and my brother, that was nice, they sang happy birthday to me with mum…It was cute, but I wasn’t sure where to look and I was feeling embarrassed.

I had heaps of messages coming in from Instagram, Facebook, SMS and some people that read and follow this blog. Thankyou if you were one of them. I had phone calls coming in all the way to work, It was nice to see how many people cared enough to send a quick note.

I arrive to work and everyone was acting all highly strung and stressed, phones were going crazy and I must admit, I felt like I had left my brain on my pillow, because I wasn’t functioning to the full capacity at all. Double shots of coffee didnt do anything.

One person at work knew it was my birthday apart from my partner… there was no cake, there was NO CAKE! The other men that work with me, didn’t even know it was my birthday… and the people that knew didnt think to mention it… so ANYWAYS! Moving along.

I felt like screaming, what kind of a fuc*ing birthday was this?!!! I mean really… come on!

Some people have a birthday WEEK! They celebrate it ALL week! and I couldnt get a slice of freaking cake?! Mamma Mia! What is this shit?


I had a Doctors appointment to get some paperwork filled in for my drivers licence, so I had to leave at 3.30pm. The Doctor greeted me and wished me a Happy Birthday (he must have read my file)….I was grateful. Someone acknowledged my birthday! Yipee!

I went to pick up my son from mums, she had made my favorite meal – her famous meatloaf and she had cake!

But my husband had organised to take me to dinner after we picked up my car from the mechanic and returned the courtesy car. Dinner was nice, a big flying bug landed on my back and I almost broke my neck trying to get it off me…. charming. I still feel violated from that bug that was big enough to drive a car! It must have nibbled on someones hormones or something, It was horribly big.

We got home at 9.30pm and after a bath and back scratch, I put my son to bed.

I then had work to do for preparation for another busy and remorseless day ahead of me tomorrow.

Did I get the whole “Its all about me” birthday? NO. I didnt get cake either…. I had a chocolate freddo frog and hummed Happy Birthday to myself as I sipped a cup of hot tea…before I decided to share this nightmare with you.

So today was the same date as my birth date…. but it certainly didn’t feel like a birthday AT ALL!

Saturday we are having a family get together for my birthday, my husbands birthday and my brotherinlaws birthday – we are all a day apart. I am getting my own cake… I cant take any chances on this one.

Have you ever had a shitty birthday? Feel free to share… It might make me feel a little more sane.

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5 Responses to Wow, a birthday I will find hard to forget

  1. pattyalcala says:

    Have a lot of fun at the party. Happy Birthday! 🎂

  2. I am a fortunate person who celebrates her birthday for a week. I think my husband and I do this because on my birthday, it’s our wedding anniversary too. I know… Who gets married on their birthday? Right? But it’s the day of our first date as well. However, one year i actually didn’t get a birthday cake and I was crushed. So I made husband stop at a grocery store and I bought myself a tiny 4 inch frosted cake just for me! It made me realize that I didn’t need anyone to make me feel special… I already am and so are you. *hugs* Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    • Thanks so much much.
      You have some special events all grouped together 🙂
      After the birthday i had this year, I have promised myself i will not let another birthday pass without making a big deal. After all, each birthday is a blessing and In future Im going to be celebrating like mad.

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