Sunday family day

I always love spending some time with my husband and son, checking in with each other. Work tends to gulp up a lot of time from us and my son loves Sunday’s because we do a bunch of fun things.

Today we went and saw “Into the woods” after a lazy morning and running a few errands. We all had a nice lunch before the movie and found school shoes for 2015.

The movie was showing in the Vmax – I love the comfortable chairs that are so spacious. I want to see movies in Vmax and Gold class… I just can’t go back… Well I can, but I don’t want to.
I loved Meryl Streep… What ever role she takes on, she plays so well! Emily blunt did a great job… The movie was great to watch. My son tuned in and out from time to time, but he enjoyed it.

We then came home and my brother and sisterinlaw came past and had an unplanned pizza night… I love last minute things that fall together. They end up being some of the best memories.

I admittedly invited them for a chai latte… I think I just love having them over and spending time with them. I didn’t make the tea (all I had to do was pour boiling water and stir) correctly so even though my sisterinlaw politely accepted it, my dear brother refused to drink it.

I ended the evening with 2 baskets of ironing while watching a mixture of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump…. I love watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because I like Kyle and Yolanda.

Sunday family day… Another great day that will make going to work tomorrow a struggle.

What was your weekend like?

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4 Responses to Sunday family day

  1. It’s only 9 am where I am at but I have started the day by watching a movie, replying to some comments left on my blog, and playing with my ratty girls. I am thinking about making crepes with sauteed apples for breakfast. The res of the day will spent cooking and taking pictures for my blog and cleaning for the company I am getting this week. Definitely not a bad way to spend my weekend. Julie

  2. Thanks. I will be posting the crêpes and sauteed apple recipe when I am done with my vacation. Julie

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