Am I being punked?

Wow, today was interesting to say the least.
I sell car parts for a living, that’s my job…. Now you know a little more about what I do when I’m not blogging or eating.
Do I love it? Hell no. Does it pay the bills? Yep.
So here I am.

Some of the calls I receive are so strange, I sometimes feel like I’m going to have some celebrity coming out of hiding yelling “you’ve been punked!!!” And then I’ll laugh and reconsider thinking some people shouldn’t have a phone or computer to make these ridiculous enquiries and calls that I receive.

I have weird calls ALL the time. I am using the word weird because I don’t know how else to explain them.
I hear sad stories of why the caller needs the part they are calling about, I hear all sorts of situations that happen… Some really are sad and I feel bad that I need to hurry off the phone, I sometimes even end up hearing stories that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the enquiry.

Today I decided to make a short list of the calls that stood out, just for a confirmation that some days are challenging.

A lady called and wanted to purchase a part for her car, she has arranged for her husband to pick this part up tomorrow. She is pretending it’s for her sons car and not hers because he wants her to stay home and not use the car. I am to have to part in a box sealed and not to say what the part is. Um…. Pressure….
Where does my loyalty stand? I feel like I’m lying to this guy. What he is asks me?


A mother called today purchasing a part for her daughter… An expensive one. A single mum… Her husband lives near the water somewhere with his new woman. She gave me a run down on how immature her daughter is and how she has gotten into all this financial strife with some modelling picture contract she signed up to and didn’t pay. She pays her daughter rent as her daughter wanted to live almost from home. She admits she runs to the scene to fix it all and her friends have advised her that she shouldn’t help her daughter, this might teach her some responsibility. She then asked me…. What do I think?

Um….I’m at work with oxygen on trying to keep my heart from pushing in my chest with anxiety, trying to wrap up the deal so I can pick a phone call up that’s been sitting on hold for too long…. I told her I couldn’t give her an opinion because I don’t know what I would do if I were in her position. I feel sorry for her, but I had phones ringing like crazy.


A young guy comes in to enquire about something for his car with ALL his friends. They were so happy to be visiting because he just got his car and he wants to turn it into what he really wanted. Cute… But it’s not a theme park for gods sake…. Maybe it is for some. Talking cars is like a Disneyland for men.

The list goes on, but these are the ones that stood out today.

Most of the time people call with no idea on any of the information about their car looking for parts. It’s as though they think I can see it and I know exactly what they mean.

Work is never boring.

I’m making this topic a category called “fun at work” so when you feel like a laugh… Stop on by.

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11 Responses to Am I being punked?

  1. Angie K says:

    I know the feeling so well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just take a deep breath and try to laugh it off once you’ve put the phone down.

  2. I can imagine how annnoying this is. At least you can laugh about it.
    I did. Thanks.

  3. I work as a cake decorator in a retail store. I once had a lady refuse a cake because it wasn’t what she had pictured in her head when it was done exactly to the way she told me. I wanted to tell her I am not psychic I am psycho. They are not the same thing. Lol.

  4. I have worked in retail for almost nine years , most of that as a cashier, I have a lot of stories to tell, some funny, some that would make you shake your head and wonder what is wrong with people.

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