Hotel breakfast and my waist line

On my holiday I’ve been enjoying buffet breakfast.
They have a cake table with pastries, and muffins.
A toast table with bagels and many types of breads and spreads.
A cereal station.
A fruit table with yoghurt and all types of berries.
An omelette station with a man making 3 at a time.
The table with all the food heaters filled with sausages, French toast, scrammed eggs, bacon and more.

I’m sorry if you’re reading this hungry.

I try to choose items that I wouldn’t normally have in my pantry or fridge at home, but I don’t go nuts just because there is so much there. I don’t like putting on my plate what I can’t eat.

Ive enjoyed a few sugared delights, but tried to stay in balance.

How do you feel about buffet breakfasts? Hotel breakfasts?

Or do you have any tips to survive the weight gain on a holiday?

Until next time, make it a nice day.

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2 Responses to Hotel breakfast and my waist line

  1. amommasview says:

    I always have a plan and it’s always a good one but it never works 😉

  2. Antonio says:

    Well i just came back from 3 weeks in Hawaii and there was buffet everywhere though there is such a selection i keep it simple and eat well though not to much because when i eat to much i struggle to breath.

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