Got Wifi???

Travelling really makes you realise what you take for granted… I always have Internet connection on my mobile phone. I’m a google maniac and always enjoy clicking away at my phone if I’m waiting around.

On the holiday, I have become a little desperate with wifi connection…. I’ve names myself the “wifi whore” to put it mildly. I have asked for wifi connection with each hotel check in and each place I have visited, I’ve attempted to log in.

In Vegas I had unlimited wifi connection which was great because I remained connected to my family and friends through Instagram and snap chat.

In Anaheim it was pricey… Yet the hotel next door had free lobby wifi… How do I know that? I attempted to connect when we went to check out their Resteraunt.

I’m back in LA and viva wifi… I’m connected again. Phew!

How did the older generation do it?! If they were on a holiday… They literally had to call or send a post card! Or speak to everyone when they returned. It was a real holiday.

We really are spoilt with connection. It’s fantastic… It is it?

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2 Responses to Got Wifi???

  1. Antonio says:

    Well you have to understand when your raised without depending on certain things its not really a struggle.
    Though i did not miss my phone one bit when i was a way i just missed calling my favorite sister

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