Shopping until I drop in Vegas baby!!

I’m in Vegas… Sorry about being a little off line. I’m shopping for a new wardrobe to be exact and no where near wifi connection during the day.

As a shopper I’m always looking for practical, comfortable, affordable and figure complimenting.

At home in australia I browse through the stores and look for that item that screams out at me and ticks all the boxes…. I always end up settling with something close to what I had in mind and when it’s time to go somewhere special I look at my wardrobe and get all shitty with myself for not trying harder.

So here I am, Vegas baby!! Had to say that. I have really shopped hard in the outlet and designer shops. I have found some amazing clothing and accessories that fit, feel nice on, they are mix match items, and affordable!!
Don’t think I’m spending heaps either, I’m really amazed at how many things I’m able to get for $100.

The outlet that I visited is the Las Vegas premium outlets – North. The address is 875 South Grand central parkway, Las Vegas. On the Vegas strip there are a lot of stores also, including the ROSS store which is quite cheap.

We don’t have outlets like this in australia. We could only dream of having outlets with brands and prices like over here in Vegas.

Please accept my apology for being slightly absent, I am aiming to have an amazing wardrobe when I return and donate all my items that I now realise are a little sad.

If you are already a friend on my Instagram account, you will see all the pics. If not, please join and take a look.

Until next time, make it a good day


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