What would you wear?

Before you read this, keep in mind that I’m not at all playing judgment, I’m genuinely trying to process what I witness at the airport today.

So, here we go….

If you knew you were leaving Australia (Summers day – not hot) and you knew you were going to the USA – in their winter and arriving on an early morning flight… What would you wear on that flight?

I looked around, because I really did spend a bit of time wondering what to wear on such a flight… I came up with a pair of tracksuit pants, a pair of warm socks and my nikes… a tshirt with LA on it and a hoodied jacket. I thought that was practical to sit in for the estimated 15 hour flight… I know the Kardashians are against girls wearing tracksuits in public, but they can jump in lake, if I rode in a private jet and had paid help lifting my bags and waiting on me hand and foot, I would probably be more extravagant in my selection.

So, I looked around while waiting at the gate area, every one eager to board this flight… There were women dressed in open toed shoes and dresses and skirts, guys in thongs and shorts, some people wearing clothing close to pajamas, UGG boots and tights and then there were some that looked like the Kardashians may accept – shame there was no private jet for them or paparazzi waiting for them at the airport.

I packed UGG boots for the flight to keep my feet warm and a warm jacket for when I leave the airport… maybe I was too sensible about that decision.

So, back to the question… What would you wear on such a flight?

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2 Responses to What would you wear?

  1. I travel frequently, and it is all about comfort for me. especially on long flights.

  2. Souzapalooza says:

    Im all about the comfort on a long flight! I have a top called “the red eye hoodie” that has a longer hood to shader your eyes, thumbholes and little fold over material that creats a little mitten. Best money i ever spent. Its my official plan hoodie!

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