Goodbye 2014…. Hello 2015!

Its been a massive year! When I say massive I mean Gigantic!

I often fantasize about sitting on a coach and watching endless amounts of satellite TV direct from the US whilst munching on popcorn with M&M’s mixed through it.

Ok….I did do SOME snippets of that sort of behavior, but not enough. I would watch Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and Fashion Bloggers while ironing… that was my reward for ironing.

I entered 2014 DETERMINED not to waste a single second and really make some changes in my life that would leave me feeling accomplished and satisfied at the end of it….Well here I am, SATISFIED but exhausted! Someone pass me a pillow and a bed!

I wanted to work harder and smarter. I wanted to start my counselling course, I got to assignment 4 in the whole year, but thats ok… I worked some big hours at work…and at least I started the course. Right?

I am ending my work year TODAY!!! YAY!!! and entering holiday mode in approx 18 hours! I am here at work as I type this, reflecting on the year thats passed like s flash of lightening, some events feel like many years ago, that’s how much has happened.

After my holiday, I intend on bracing myself for another massive year with added things to my bucket list and some planning on how 2015 is going to look.

I read some goals I wrote in 2008…. then I read 2009, then 2010 and as you get the gist, the years after that – they all have the same thing listed that I still haven’t laser focused into… Cleaner eating. I’m getting that off my list in 2015 and adopting a new way of eating. I need to, my heart and lungs will thank me – and I really couldn’t bare reading it as a goal in another goal list ever again. It’s final… I’m eating cleaner in 2015. After my US trip of course.

I encourage you to really reflect on your year and on the fresh clean slate we all get on the 1st of January! It doesnt have to be unrealistic and impossible, but without knowing what you want from 2015, no one else will know and the universe wont be able to help with sending your desires your way. WRITE…IT…DOWN!

Im sorry if I go a little MIA… Not sure how much Internet access I will have on my holiday.

Make it a great year! It’s your life… Start living how you want to live it.

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